Soft me UP!, Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The project called “Soft me UP!” aimed to develop soft skills among 27 young people who are involved in NGO sector. Special emphasis was placed on: communication, PR, entrepreneurship, public speaking, leadership and organizational skills.

This project was funded by ESAA, Organize Your Own Event grant. The main part of the project took place is Jajce between 31st of March and 2nd of April, but the evaluation conference was held in Tuzla during the first weekend in May. The total number of participant in this project was 27 who came up with various level of knowledge about skills mentioned above.

Youths are one of the most vulnerable social categories and they have very little support for their self-development and through this project we make them more relevant on labor market. All of them have learnt basic of very important soft skills and improved themselves and their own skills. On the final conference we analyzed their achievements and for one more time repeated everything they have learnt and possibilities of gaining new skills and organizing such an event again.

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