Eduk8 Spring Training, Erazmów, Poland

Volunteering is not only putting one’s effort into a cause - it is also working towards personal self-development through the non-apparent means that the act offers.
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Volunteering is not only putting one’s effort into a cause - it is also working towards personal self-development through the non-apparent means that the act offers.

 Holding this belief at heart, Erasmus Student Network AISBL held another edition of its annual Spring training event between the 10th and 14th of May 2017, this time with a special focus on professional development and counting on the support of Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association. Hosted in the remote and peaceful venue of Stary Folwark in Erazmów, Poland, and organised by a mix of dedicated members from local ESN sections of cities of Łódź, Wrocław and Kraków, this instance of the ESN Spring Training camp came with two different training tracks available: team management and project management. Almost 40 members of the ESN association coming from 17 European countries experienced three days of training, delivered through non-formal education methodologies, to identify the skills they acquired through their mobility period abroad and volunteering activity and further improve these skills, in order to enhance their professional qualifications.

In today’s labour market, having the skills explored and developed during this training can be a fundamental key to professional success, not only for those involved in the “soft skill” fields like Human Resources or Management, but also for the “hard skill” lovers like engineers, lawyers, or scientists. Being able to foster and maintain smooth and productive teamwork, to establish efficient internal communication or to provide constructive criticism and appropriate feedback is crucial for any individual working at a collaborative work place: now even more than ever, when small teams focused on a specific task prove to easily outperform huge, somehow anonymous departments in many companies all over the world. Moreover, for any professional who thinks of developing through their company’s ranks, the capability of taking the helm of an ongoing project and steering it successfully through its development is a real asset, which renders such a specialist as a natural leader in their team.

Besides the facilitators of both tracks, who have put together a rich programme for the participants, the event organisation was also supported by the Eduk8 team (which is in charge of ESN’s training programme) and, through ESAA’s support, it was possible to provide optimal conditions for the training, having it take place in a secluded site which offered participants the opportunity to step away from their routine and really focus on their learning and soft-skills development. We would like to thank all people involved in the Spring Training Erazmów 2017, which have made this event a success, and look forward to future editions of this event!

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