Meet Erasmus+ in Beijing

ESAA Promotion Event in China
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Under ESAA Erasmus+ Promotion Activity Call, on 7 July 2017, in the Delegation of the European Union to China, Meet Erasmus+ in Beijing - ESAA Promotion Event in China is held.


The event is to promote internationalization of Higher Education cooperation and study opportunities in Europe via Erasmus+, and provide participants with the experiences from senior ESAA members and external partners, and with practical tips and intercultural insights that may be helpful for current and potential Erasmus+ students.


The event organizer is Chengjun YU, Chapter President of Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) Chinese Chapter. During this event, many distinguished guests made presentations, including Marcin GRABIEC from the Delegation of European Union to China, Halldor BERG from EURAXESS in China, Stéphanie BALME from Embassy of France to China, John LYNAM from Embassy of Ireland to China, Susu XIA from Campus France in China, Chi ZHANG from Ghent University, Ying LU from Beihang University, Baocun LIU from Beijing Normal University, Sunhee KIM from ESAA and OCEANS Network, Chengjun YU from Marie Curie Alumni Association. More than 100 participates joined this event.


During this event, the participants got more information on Erasmus+, ESAA and Europe, through these presentations, information sheets, face to face talk and so on. Potential Erasmus+ applicants got practical advice on how to successfully apply for this program. ESAA, EMA and OCEANS Network members had chance to talk about their Erasmus+ experience and made friends. University representatives talked with students and other partners to improve current Erasmus+ projects and find new opportunities to joint new Erasmus+ projects. Erasmus+ alumni had an exhibition of their culture to participants, and made suggestions to incoming Erasmus+ students.


Meet Erasmus+ in Beijing - ESAA Promotion Event in China, achieves the following goals:

1) Promote ESAA outside the European Union and provide students studying in China/East Asia with more information on Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus+ program, ESAA, and studying in Europe.

2) Attract more Chinese universities to join the Erasmus+ program framework.

3) Increase ESAA membership and networking in China and East Asia.

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