VOLUNTEERS – the core of ESN Timisoara

The most valuable part of our organization is represented by our volunteers, because “none of us is as smart as all of us” as Ken Blanchard said.
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This training event financed by the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association was held between the 20th and 22nd of October and brought together the volunteers of ESN Timișoara, new and experienced members, aimed to create a highly performing skilled team, with team members motivated and keen to develop themselves and others, using presentations, sessions and workshops. By giving the participants the possibility to acquire new skills, boost their creativity and become better team players, their employability rate increases as well.

In today's working environment, it is not enough to have just a basic set of skills and settle only for those one has learnt/acquired during studies, but one has to improve and grow every day, develop new abilities, enrich their general knowledge. This event was meant as a first step into the participants’ career paths.

During 3 days, various presentations and workshops were designed and delivered, such as:

  1. Public speaking and presentation skills
  2. Intercultural communication and working in multicultural teams
  3. Leadership
  4. Project management
  5. Building your CV / Cover Letter

The participants were able to acquire soft skills applicable in their careers and in their day to day activities, alike. They will make better prepared professionals, with a range of skills starting from working with people from different cultures to time and crowd management, being able to design and implement projects and be team players.

Hopefully, this training event is just the beginning of the many more to come, as we will always consider volunteers the core of our organization and will support them into becoming everyday a better version of themselves.

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