ESN training event in Amiens. Making Erasmus+ accessible for all

From the 20th to the 22nd of November, 145 young volunteers attended to a national training event in order to learn how to organize events to promote Erasmus + to various publics
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The 30th anniversary of Erasmus + is an opportunity to spotlight the program and to promote it to a wide public. For a week-end, ESN Volunteers from 31 sections in France gathered in Amiens in order to learn how to promote international exchanges and Erasmus + program to various publics. 145 participants, volunteers, current or former Erasmus + students came from 30 city of France. 15 alumni former ESN volunteers, working in structures like universities of international companies were mobilized as well in order to bring their expertise.

The event, organized in Amiens by ESN France and ESN Amiens was supported by many structures willing to make Erasmus + accessible to anyone : the Municipality of Amiens, University of Amiens, the Region Hauts de France, the CROUS of Amiens and ESAA supported the event with findings, communication, materials, rooms and accommodations. Several representatives of those structures came to the event in order to host the 145 participant and to show their support such as Laure Coudret-Laud : director of the National Erasmus + Agency in France and Brigitte Fouré : mayor of the city of Amiens.

Saturday and Sunday, 15 trainings and workshops were organized. Some of them focused on how to explain the mobility programs to young people from many field. Others focused on to adapt one’s speech while testimony of a mobility experience in order to motivate any type of public. Several trainings focused on how to organize event and activities to promote Erasmus + such as Erasmus in School, mobility fairs, stands, communication campaign and conferences. Several session allowed volunteers to share ideas and good practices organized in 2017 in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus + program. This weekend was an opportunity for anyone to share good practices and to explain how to organize those events properly. In addition, a debate took place, open to other participant from other structures,

Those trainings, session and debates will allow 145 students to reach many publics to promote the Erasmus + program: primary school or high-school pupils, students, apprentices, young people working, or unemployed but also their parents. This event is a spotlight showing that the Erasmus + generation is mobilized in order to make, step by step, the Erasmus + program accessible for all.

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