Do you want to create a positive change in your community? Do you have a burning idea for a social project but don’t have the funding?
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The Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association (ESAA) has a social projects funding scheme through which you can apply to get up to EUR 5000 to organise a social project with ESAA members in your region*!

The objective of the ESAA Social Projects funding scheme is to empower ESAA members to see their socially oriented ideas come to life. ESAA wants to support you in realising positive social change in your communities.

For detailed information please read our Application Guidelines and Internal Criteria for Evaluation. In order to apply simply fill out the Application Form and send it to the Evaluation Committee until the February 19th, 2017, 23h59 CET.

The goals

Social projects should address current and relevant issues of public interest in the broad sense and aim to activate the participation of Erasmus+ Students and Alumni in international social projects.

Activities and topics can include but are not limited to:

  • advance social equity and inclusion
  • advance the upholding and promotion of human rights
  • reduce educational inequality
  • empower and give voice to those who are socially, economically, physically disadvantaged
  • promote environmental sustainability
  • support diversity and equality in communities
  • encourage ESAA members to become socially active

2017 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Erasmus programme. Therefore connecting your event to the European Commission calendar in order to give more visibility to your project will be an added value.

Theme Month
Free movement of European citizens March
Youth employability and skills, Entrepreneurship and jobs for tomorrow April

In brief
  • Applicants must read all the attached documents and links. Winners of the grant must sign an acceptance agreement;
  • Applications are accepted until February 19th, 2017, 23:59 CET;
  • Events must take place between March 20 and April 30 2017 at the latest. If the project is scheduled to run for a longer period than this, applications will be accepted but funding will only cover the project until the mentioned date.
  • The funding will not be given directly to the organiser. For any relevant expense above EUR 200 (e.g. bookings), ICUnet can be responsible but the applicant must contact the ESAA Social Projects Working (cms-social-activities[at]esaa-eu.org). Smaller amounts will be reimbursed after the event.
  • Costs borne directly by the organizers (as agreed in the application) will be reimbursed by ICUnet only after the reception of all the original receipts accounting for the event expenses together with the online reimbursement form correctly filled out (available in the website of the call). The form and original receipts must be submitted by mail within 2 weeks after the event but no later than May 31, 2017. Due to administrative reasons, no reimbursements can be processed after June 16. Make sure to plan the event accordingly.
  • A report - using the provided template - must be sent to the ESAA Social Projects Working group (cms-social-activities[at]esaa-eu.org) no later than May 31, 2017;
  • A short news item (one page) including three pictures must be submitted to the ESAA Communication Team (communication[at]esaa-eu.org) and the ESAA Social Projects Working group (cms-social-activities[at]esaa-eu.org) no later than May 31, 2017. This must comply with the Co-Branding Rules for activities funded through ESAA funding tools;
  • Evaluations of the applications are made by the Evaluation Committee and approved by ESAA CMS Board within approx. 20 days.
Further Information

If you have an idea for a project but have never organized anything similar, contact us: cms-social-activities[at]esaa-eu.org ­­


*Please check first the call for applications for the list of eligible countries where you can organise your event.

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