Education Ambassadors Training, Brussels, Belgium

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The event took place in Brussels, Belgium from 23.02.2017 to 26.02.2017 and it was organized by the Chairing Team of International Committee for Education (ICE). International Committee for Education works to open possibilities to non-formal education through online and offline trainings for its members, which they can use for their future personal and professional development. The event gathered around 30 participates coming from Czech Republic, Russia, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Serbia and Germany. The event was supported by ESAA Career Opportunities grant.

During the three day training participants received workshops on leadership and public speaking. Participants had sessions on competence development which helped them get full understanding of soft skills development in non formal education and the advantages of volunteering when comes to boosting employability. Additionally, participants received presentations and sessions on how to improve their CVs and LinkedIn profiles and discussion and reflection session on how to improve their mentoring and coaching skills. Finally, participates had the chance to visit European Commission, the Directorate General for Education and Culture, where they had presentations on the latest development of the Erasmus+ programme. Overall, the training was designed to: improve participants performance during the job interviews and their ability to showcase their skills and knowledge; improve the skills employers value the most in future employees, boost participants employability skills and finally to teach participates to pass on the knowledge they’ve received.

Objectives of the Education Ambassadors Training were successfully achieved. After the training participants felt fully prepared to fulfill the role of the Education Ambassadors and equipped with the skills necessary to take on the role of the Education Ambassador. By participating in the session at the European Commission, DG Education and Culture the participants received a comprehensive overview of the Erasmus+ programme and got information on how the 30th anniversary will be celebrated across Europe. Additionally, participants were informed on the ESAA structure and different grant possibilities ESAA is offering.

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