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ESN Zagreb gathered youth from the University of Zagreb in a meeting with the private companies, startups, public institutions and student organizations to present various opportunities to professionalize and develop practical skills via informal learning so that young people could prepare themselves for the economy and jobs of tomorrow.
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Financed by Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association “Employ Your Skills!” conference was held at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business on the 24th and 25th of March 2017. Primary intention of “Employ Your Skills!” was to encourage students to engage and take their future into their own hands since there are endless possibilities, during university days, to prepare for the labour market that we all have to face once we graduate. Therefore, it is absolutely crucial to develop business and entrepreneurial skills while still studying. Conference consisted of a wide range of lectures/speeches designed to give a full insight into many possibilities for students and youth to professionalize their skills (academic courses, student projects, startup, exchange programmes, volunteering, student organizations…). The guest speakers included the following:

Prof. dr. sc. Mislav Ante Omazić - “What Your Professor can do to Encourage the Entrepreneur in You, ” where he discussed the ways in which your professors can help facilitate your growth and success in starting your own business.

Carlo Bitetto, Director of Operations garagErasmus - “The world of garagErasmus,” a creative hub for the Erasmus generation which aims at supporting the shaping of a new Europe. Its mission is to match the demand and offer of jobs, by fostering social initiatives and helping the creation of new startups.

Saša Miklošić, CEO NanoDiy - “Taking it the Start-up Way,” how a small Croatian start-up company revolutionized the industry of textile printing and path they took to becoming a highly successful new business.

Jan Hruby, hiMoment - “Volunteering as a proper work experience,” stressing the importance of growth and awareness of employability one has through volunteer and project work, particularly in the Erasmus Student Network, and how it completely changed his profession since he was studying finance, but now works as a graphic designer.

Tamara Didak, Plavi Ured (Blue Office) - “Zagreb for Young Entrepreneurs,” how an agency of the City of Zagreb is helping young and ambitious Croatian entrepreneurs by offering free education, professional advice, support programs, and by promoting entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Tena Tomaš, Procter & Gamble - “Development perspective in a multinational company,” the employment opportunities offered by one of the largest multinational companies, and how innovative approach can lead to proper work/life balance.

The two day conference has met its expectations as participants had the opportunity to learn new ways of improving their skills and adding value to their student days. Through quiz participants even won some valuable prizes from guest speakers of P&G. Also, during coffee breaks they had student organizations and guest speakers at their service to ask anything they wanted to know. Organizers hope they inspired young people for entrepreneurship as they certainly did employ their skills in the organization of this business conference. Hopefully, this CMS Career Opportunities Event, funded by ESAA and Erasmus+ programme, will be the beginning of a beautiful story for the future professional development of our members and students in the city of Zagreb.

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