ProfessioNal Platform

Transitioning from university to labor market, Niš, Serbia

The event, organized by Erasmus Student Network Niš with support from Erasmus Student Network Serbia took place at University of Niš from 17th to 19th of March 2017. It was funded by ESAA through OYOE grant. ProfessioNal Platform was an ideal way to gather over 60 ESAA members from Serbia for a three day training event. The event was supported by University of Niš, and representatives of IRO greeted participants at the beginning, as well as provided facilities needed for realization of the event.
Main focus of the event was to strengthen participants’ skills needed for them to be competitive in the labor market as well as to recognize the skills they have already gained through their volunteer work. On Friday, we organized small sessions, presentations and sharing best practices about employability. Our guests were representatives of University of Niš and center for career develoment. Saturday was focused on presentations by more experienced members, which proved to be very efficient, since participants were very active and were very interested. Sunday was filled small sessions and workshops on topics such as leadership, argumentation, time and team management and about how to put volunteer work on CV. Workshops and small sessions were held by soft skills trainers from Erasmus Student Network.
Feedback received from participants was overwhelmingly positive and everyone agreed this event was very useful to them. This proved that choosing a more interactive and engaging approach instead of simple conference style of event can be more beneficial for participants.

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