Online survey for Erasmus+ midterm Evaluation

Wondering what’s the impact of international mobility or cooperation programmes in the areas of education and training, youth and sport? We need you!

You can help us measure the difference the programme Erasmus+ is making for learners and staff by participating in our online survey. The survey will help us gain a more specific understanding of the impact of the Erasmus+ programme by comparing the changes in attitudes, competences and behaviours of learners and staff as a result of mobility. We are interested to hear from all learners and staff, also from those who have not participated in any international mobility or cooperation programme.

We need mobile and non-mobile learners and staff across the three areas of education and training, youth and sport, including:

     School pupils

     School staff

     VET schools learners

     VET schools staff

     Higher education learners

     Higher education staff

     Adult education staff

     Young people in youth organisations

     Staff in youth organisations

     Staff in sport organisations

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes. Please follow the link to the registration page for the survey:

Thank you very much in advance for contributing to knowledge creation: it will help us improve the programme!

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