Professional Development Working Group

The Professional Development Working Group offers strategies and methodologies that can assist ESAA’s members in the acquisition of professional development skills. This includes a platform for cross-disciplinary collaboration and the ability to work in diverse teams. The Working Group fosters global and cultural awareness, helps ESAA members to develop leadership and project management skills and flair for entrepreneurship.

Agata Gieroba

Deputy-Head of Professional Development of the OCEANS Network

Alfredo Ciccarelli

Head of Professional Development of the OCEANS Network

Oscar Boije

Representative of the Erasmus Student Network

LeX Tan Yih Liang

Member of the ESAA Professional Development Team

Velimir Tasic

Team Leader of ESAA Professional Development

Memet Unsal

Stephanie Raible

Member of the Professional Development Working Group

Kai Oelfke

Representative of the OCEANS Network

ESAA - Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association.

We offer Erasmus+ students and alumni a dynamic platform for networking, professional development and intercultural exchange.

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