Organise Your Own Event (OYOE) - 2017 Call for Applications

The overall objective of the Organise Your Own Event (OYOE) funding scheme is to support the worldwide promotion of Erasmus+ programmes, skills development and networking for ESAA members.

The overall objective of the Organise Your Own Event (OYOE) funding scheme is to support the worldwide promotion of Erasmus+ programmes, skills development and networking for ESAA members.

2017 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Erasmus programme. Therefore connecting your event to the European Commission calendar in order to give more visibility to your project will be an added value.

Theme Month
International cooperation July
The role of sport August-September
Enhancing language skills August-September
Quality in teaching, training and youth work October 
Geographical scope of the activities eligible for funding:
  • activities organised in partner countries eligible for Erasmus+ international credit mobility (eligible countries)*
  • activities organised in non-eligible countries but with an evident and direct impact on the promotion of Erasmus+ or ESAA in eligible countries (i.e. webinars)

*For a list of eligible countries, please check here.

Who is Eligible for Applying

Any member of the three Organisations constituting the ESAA Credit Mobility Strand (ESN, garagErasmus, OCEANS Network) can apply for funding. Although only one person is required as a contact point, groups are encouraged to apply, as long as any member of the group is a member of the three above mentioned organisations.

Specific Objectives and Activities
  1. Promote ESAA outside the European Union and increase ESAA membership.
    Main targets: universities, potential ESAA members, potential ESAA partners, current ESAA members.
    Examples of activities: Participation to higher education fair/ international conferences/ career events with the objective of representing ESAA and promoting Erasmus+ programmes, orientation/promotional sessions with international relations offices, networking events with presentation about ESAA, roundtables with companies, universities and potential partners related to the scope of ESAA, etc.
  2. Promote international cooperation in higher education and Erasmus+ programmes between the EU and other partner countries.
    Main target: public and private institutions.
    Examples of activities: Conferences on the cooperation between EU Higher Education and National Country or related topics involving EU-third countries cooperation in the field of culture, higher education, innovation, and research; visits to EU Delegations or to key institutions in partner countries for collaboration in education, culture, or youth related activities.
  3. Improve capacity building for ESAA members in key skills such as leadership, governance, organisational management, planning, and advocacy, which are essential for ESAA functioning effectively.
    Main target: current ESAA members with leadership positions.
    Examples of activities: organise trainings, strategic or organisational meetings for ESAA leaders or representatives of ESAA in partner countries.
  4. Equip the public and private sectors with better trained creative young professionals in problem solving in and outside the European Union.
    Main target: current ESAA members, potential ESAA partners.
    Examples of activities: study visits to institutions and companies in partner countries, events for professional development of students and alumni such as trainings or workshop activities, which provide the participants with new skills and expertise or a platform for exchange in entrepreneurship, research, and experiences (case-study workshops, communication and negotiation exercises, leadership and conflict resolution, career planning, effective networking, etc).
  5. Share personal experiences and insights gained during the exchange programmes and provide advice to potential participants of the exchange programmes.
    Main target: current and prospective exchange students, prospective ESAA members.
    Examples of activities: trainings in the area of Erasmus+ and development of student mobility (how to apply for Erasmus+ scholarships), mentorships for current exchange students, networking events with presentation about Erasmus+ exchange experience, and promotion ESAA support during and after the exchange.
  6. Provide intercultural insights and enrich the exchange experiences and academic development of ESAA members.
    Main target: current exchange students, potential ESAA members.
    Examples of activities: workshops, pre-departure orientation events for students, and other intercultural trainings for new students coming to study at EU universities and vice versa (how to pack and prepare for international exchange, adapt to cultural shocks, learn new languages, earn certificates, etc.), webinars to cover areas outside the EU.
How to Apply

Simply fill out the Application Form and send it to the ESAA Working Group: cms-worldwide-activities@esaa-eu .org before the application deadline:

Timeline and rules of procedure
  1. Applications are accepted until 25 August 2017.
  2. Evaluations of the applications are made by the Evaluation Committee and approved by ESAA CMS Board within 10 days after the deadline for application.
  3. Applicants must seek approval by the Evaluation Committee for major changes such as budget or implementation dates. Additionally applicants need to update the Evaluation Committee every two weeks about the event preparations. The Evaluation Committee reserves the right to reject the grant, if applicants miss the reporting deadlines repeatedly.
  4. Events must take place by 31 October 2017 at the latest.
  5. The funding will not be given directly to the organizer. For any relevant expense (e.g. pre-financing) you can contact icunet.
  6. Costs incurred directly by the organizers (as agreed in the application) will be reimbursed by icunet upon submission of the online reimbursement form available on the ESAA website together with all originals of the receipts accounting for the events expenses - that must be submitted by mail within 2 weeks after the event.
  7. A news item (one page) including three pictures must be submitted to: (i) the ESAA Communication Team: (communicationesaa-eu org); (ii) Evaluation Committee: (cms-worldwide-activitiesesaa-eu org); and (iii) Service provider ESAA: (serviceesaa-eu org) within two weeks after the completion of the event.
  8. A report based on the report template has to be submitted to: (i) the Evaluation Committee: (cms-worldwide-activitiesesaa-eu org); and (ii) Service Provider ESAA: (serviceesaa-eu org) within two weeks after the completion of the event.
  9. The news item and the pictures submitted must follow the co-branding rules available here.
Further Information
  • The maximum amount that can be applied for is EUR 5000. We support all sizes of events, including small scale events. One of the main criteria for evaluation is cost-efficiency and the budget should be balanced according to the number of participants and expected impact. Criteria for evaluation are made public here.
  • Events are being pre-financed by the organizer him/herself. icunet will support the organizers and can take over bookings above EUR 200 with the exception of travel expenses (e.g. flight tickets). However, the applicant must provide the correct bank transfer and invoice details, and it will take minimum 10 days to actually make the transfer. Small amounts must be pre-financed by the organizer and will be reimbursed afterwards. Please check here the reimbursement rules for self-organized events.
  • icunet will support the members with the promotional material used for the event and in questions of pre-financing and reimbursement.
  • Events jointly organized and co-funded with the ESAA Degree Mobility Strand (EMA) are also encouraged.

Make sure to plan the event accordingly. To qualify for reimbursement, original receipts of expenses must be mailed to icunet immediately after the event. Please note that icunet will double check the proposed budget allocation and, if necessary, it will need to be adapted by the applicant.

Tips for the organisation of the event
  • Have clear goals and outcomes
  • Think of an inclusive and broad topic interesting to a lot of members in the region
  • Plan in advance: contact the Communications team communicationesaa-eu org to promote the event on ESAA website and social media at least two weeks before organising it
  • Use a combination of formal/content/information elements of the event and informal activities for networking and getting to know each other
  • Encourage post-event communication/collaboration
  • Include a 10% safety fund in your budget planning
  • Event gadgets and other promotional materials should be included in the budget or requested directly to icunet directly to avoid extra-budgetary costs
  • Consider the approved budget when announcing travel reimbursement, check the reimbursement rules
  • When organising a workshop, create a comprehensible structure beforehand, have concrete exercises prepared and make aims of workshops clear

If you have an idea for an event but have never organised anything similar, contact us: cms-worldwide-activitiesesaa-eu org

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