Two trainers for the Training for Erasmus+ Trainers in Budapest, Hungary (16-20 August 2017)

Apply to run the 1st ESAA Training for Erasmus+ Trainers!
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The Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association (ESAA) is looking for two experienced trainers to run the 1st ESAA Training for Erasmus+ Trainers which will take place in Budapest, Hungary on the 16-20 August 2017.


The goal of the event is to train the first group of individual ESAA members, which after the training should be capable of delivering their own elementary trainings. These participant-organised trainings are expected to improve the professional capacity of ESAA and all its members.


Detailed training content

The training should introduce the participants to facilitation techniques in order to plan, prepare and deliver Erasmus+ training sessions and engage audiences from start to finish. As part of the training participants should also work in groups to prepare and deliver an own, short training activity.


After the training the participants should have acquired the skills to:

  • Communicate more efficiently with audiences
  • Select the best methods and activities for trainings
  • Engage audiences and keep them focused
  • Plan and prepare workshops and training sessions
  • Deliver structured training sessions
  • Assess outcomes of trainings


A proposed agenda for the training could for example include some of these elements:

  • The Erasmus+ programme (to be conducted by the organisers)
  • ESAA (to be conducted by the organisers)
  • Defining what a workshop/training is
  • How to organise a workshop/training

                 - Defining objectives

                 - Developing a course plan 

                 - Material needed

                 - Implementation and execution 

                 - Evaluation 

  • Delivering a training session
  • ESAA’s Pool of Erasmus+ Trainers
  • Evaluation of the training


Even though the skills acquired are general, the whole training should preferably use the Erasmus+ programme as its framework and scope of work. We look forward to together with the selected trainers create the detailed agenda and programme of the training.



The training will have approximately 26 international participants. All participants have previous experience with the Erasmus+ programme and limited experience in presenting content/holding workshops. In total the training is expected to consist of approximately 30 hours of active training + 4 hours independent and group work. There will also be general Erasmus+ content shared with the participants prior to the event in the form of documents and a webinar.


The organisers will arrange all logistical arrangements of the training, including selections of participants, booking of venues, accommodation and catering, technical equipment, purchase of material, etc. The trainers are expected to run the whole training (intellectual content), except the pre-event content and a 1-2 session on Erasmus+ and ESAA on-site which will be conducted by the organisers. The training is expected to mix theory and practice, and to be informal, interactive and actively engage the participants throughout the event.


Ideal profile

Even though we welcome all trainer applications, the ideal applicant would be a young/young-minded member of one of the ESAA member organisations with previous experience in delivering similar type of trainings for young audiences.



  • Trainers will be provided with four nights of hostel/hotel accommodation, catering throughout the event and their travel costs will be reimbursed (maximum 200€ for intra-European travelling; maximum 900€ for extra-European travelling)
  • Interested trainers should only provide a quotation for their training services (excluding the accommodation, catering and travel costs mentioned above), including preparation work, on-site delivery and any post-event work

Please note that ESAA can only pay invoices issued by legally registered entities (company/organisation/etc.). All interested trainers need to ensure that they can fulfill this criteria



Interested trainers should send their CV (max. 2 pages, highlighting relevant experience), brief statement of ideas for the training (max. 3,000 characters) and a quotation of costs (including taxes) to oscar.boijeesaa-eu org, latest by Sunday 2nd July 2017. In case you prefer to conduct the training with a specific trainer colleague, please mention this in the brief statement.



Do not hesitate to contact us at oscar.boijeesaa-eu org in case you would have any questions.


We look forward to receiving your application!

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