Thank You Erasmus

How do you say “Thank You” for a life-changing experience?
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After going abroad as a student with Erasmus twice, one year in Iceland (2010-2011) and one year in Portugal (2015-2016) and then graduating, the question came up looking back on those years: “How can I say thank you to Erasmus for all that has happened?” And I was certain that I ́m not the only one who would feel that way looking back on their Erasmus journey.

So after my graduation I started writing the script with the two central questions “Who to thank” and “What to thank for”? The Erasmus+ Programme is not an abstract thing that magically keeps itself alive, it has it ́s impact thanks to every single person involved in it so the first task was naturally to personify the programme. The second step was boiled down to one central life-changing aspect for me which was the fact that I got to experience something different to my normal world.

But only standing like this the script did not feel complete from a video perspective so at some stage the idea for the massive “Thank You” set piece with the size of 2x12 meters came up which was covered with over 200 pictures from my experiences. This way I could adress to those experiences and people with it in the video for an increasing dramatic effect.


Because of other projects, the time and incentive was missing to realise the vision and then for the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ Programme the project was made possible thanks to the ESAA Erasmus+ Promotional Activity Grant. It covered the production costs for the set piece as well as all the necessary equipment to film everything in the Unitheater, which was generously made available by the University of Konstanz.

The Video reached over 8700 likes, shares and comments on facebook and got over 17.000 views within the first two weeks of its publishing with still rising numbers.

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