Step​ ​Up​ ​Your​ ​Erasmus, Celebration​ ​of​ ​30th​ ​Erasmus​ ​Anniversary​

In celebration of 30 years of Erasmus program, Erasmus Student Network Serbia with its partner EU Info Centre has organized an event which commemorated this important milestone and gathered Erasmus+ alumni, potential Erasmus+ students and other important actors.
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The celebration took place in the offices of EU Info Centre in Belgrade, Serbia on 29th September 2017, gathering around 80 participants, ranging from representatives of Erasmus Student Network Serbia, Tempus Foundation- Erasmus+ Office, EU info centre and EU delegation in Serbia, NGO sector in Serbia, Erasmus+ alumni and potential Erasmus+ students. Participants had the chance to hear about the importance of the Erasmus+ program from the representatives of Erasmus Student Network Serbia, Tempus Foundation- Erasmus+ Office and EU delegation in Serbia. During the event the participants were able to see a premier of two Erasmus video, one a testimonials video from outgoing and incoming Erasmus+ student at University of Belgrade, filmed by EU Info Centre with collaboration of ESN Serbia and a promotional video of Erasmus+ App, project in which ESN was a partner.

After these speeches, participants had a chance to learn more about Erasmus+ from the alumni, who were also participants of the online campaign of ESN Serbia “Faces of Erasmus”. We also had an exhibition based on the the “Faces of Erasmus” online campaign, a very successful testimonials campaign of Erasmus Student Network Serbia. Through an exhibition, we represented the projects of Erasmus Student Network and we gathered the feedback for the upgrade of Erasmus+ since the participants could write their birthday wishes to Erasmus+. They could also indicate the location where they have been on Erasmus+ or wish to go. In addition to that, we had posters promoting the projects of Erasmus Student Network that our participants found very interesting. The celebration was completed by National Board of Erasmus Student Network Serbia cutting the 30 years of Erasmus cake. Members of communication team of Erasmus Student Network Serbia filmed a video after the event, which can be found (

Celebration was very well covered in the media, reaching an even bigger audience than the one present at the event itself.

You can find the articles here:

Celebrating 30 years of Erasmus

Celebrating 30 Years of Erasmus | ESN Serbia

Last Friday, we had the honour to host the event dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+ programme, with a support of EU Info centar and ESAAeu. We had numerous guests and many memorable moments. Check out how much fun we had! :)

Posted by Erasmus Student Network Serbia on Montag, 2. Oktober 2017

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