Erasmus Village at Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Education & Sport

Right now in Azerbaijan people have great interest in studying abroad, that is why, there was a need to provide information about Erasmus+ programs. However, as an organisation it is hard to give information to everyone separately, therefore, ESN Azerbaijan came up with the idea of Erasmus Village, which would be fruitful to those who wanted to know about Erasmus+ in detail, especially students.
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On 29th October, ESN Azerbaijan celebrated 30th Anniversary of Erasmus program by hosting Erasmus Village at Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Sport and Education in collaboration with ESN Baku, ESN Turkey and ESN Georgia. The project was funded by ESAA under the Erasmus+ Promotion Activity.

The aim of the projects was to promote Erasmus+ programs among students in Azerbaijan. More than 80 people attended this event and broadened their knowledge on Erasmus+ programs. The opening ceremony started with the speech of the President of ESN Azerbaijan – Elmar Guliyev. Following his speech, Parviz Baghirov, the Head of the National Erasmus+ Office, gave speech on 30th Anniversary of Erasmus+ program. Thanks to ESAA, Kacper Olczyk, the Communication Manager of ESN AISBL, promoted ESN by giving presentation on Erasmus Student Network and its current activities. Last but not least, Olga Sokolova, the representative of ESAA, provided information on ESAA and talked about its structure and grants during the opening ceremony.

After the opening ceremony, participants attended the first workshop on EVS hold by Jale Elekberova who was the participant of EVS program last year. Following her, Olga Sokolova made the second workshop on student exchange and Joint Master Degree Programs and she answered their questions during the workshop.

After coffee break, participants joined the fair and learned how to apply for degree programs. Representatives of Embassy of Romania, Embassy of the Netherlands and Embassy of Estonia joined Erasmus Village in order to promote their universities during university fairs. Besides, OC promoted universities of Turkey, Sweden, UK, and Latvia. At the end of the event, Representatives of Embassies, OC members, speakers and participants took the family photo together.

This project is expected to result in promoting and increasing knowledge on Erasmus+ programs among students in Azerbaijan as well as to motivate our volunteers in order to become the next Erasmus+ generation.

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