Upgrading Volunteers: Enriching the Society, Iasi, Romania

Our project aimed at developing the necessary skills of a volunteer among ESN Iasi and ESN Bacau members, alumni and Erasmus+ students, helping them acknowledge the importance of quality of volunteering activities.
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It enabled us to increase cohesion between regional ESN sections (ESN Iasi and ESN Bacau) by enriching the communication abilities and collaboration competences. Also, it helped the participants to become aware of the significance of quality volunteering.

The project was divided into two parts: the first one was a workshop which included games and discussions around volunteering, emphasizing good character traits of a volunteer, an overview of an NGO functionality structure and lastly careers in NGOs with two guests; the second comprised two trainings, one on fundraising and another one on communication and career orientation. All the participants were actively involved in the first part, whereas in the second one they were split into two groups according to their subject of interest.

Most of the activities of our project were very interactive, engaging the participants in games, focused on practical activities. The teams were built differently each time in order to facilitate interaction and cooperation between all the participants. Thus, the information was better assimilated.

All in all, we consider that the event was successful in enabling the participants to acquire more information about the importance and value of volunteering, fundraising and how to choose their career based on their personality traits. In addition, it helped us to strengthen the relations among the participants in view of creating and maintaining a better collaboration.

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