Empowering your Erasmus+

ESN Aveiro and ESN Lisboa worked together on the 18 th and the 25 th of October so that former Erasmus+ students could understand not only the hard skills but also which soft skills they developed through their mobility.
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In two evenings and in two different universities separated by 257kms, two sections of theErasmus Student Network organized an event for former Erasmus+ students, in which they gotto understand how important their mobility period was for them as possible entrepreneurs.

The first day started off with an awareness of the competences they developed and what itmeans to have Erasmus+ on a CV. The students were also challenged to pitch and try toidentify the skills gained and developed during their mobility period. On the second day, theparticipants acquired a good perception of how important mobility is in the professional life.This and the concepts of mobility among companies and lifelong learning were presented in aseminar given by Talent Portugal and Uniplaces.

The training provided the 60 former Erasmus+ students that participated on the first edition of“Empowering your Erasmus+” with knowledge and tools to make their past mobility moreproductive in their local community and to be a part of it among companies.

Ultimately, this innovating idea of reintroducing the former Erasmus+ students in theircommunities wouldn’t have been possible without ESAA’s support, and the next edition willmost certainly be held in the nearest future with even more attendees.

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