Erasbus Tour – France. Meeting young people with fewer opportunities

For the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ program, the Erasbus tour made 30 stops in different cities and villages all around France since 19 September to 20 October.
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  • 45 class interventions Erasmus in Schools were organized during the Erasbus Tour, in primary school, high school, apprenticeship school and school for farmers in the countryside
  • 42 public event promoting intercultural exchanges and mobility for all were organized:

    • Intercultural fair involving Erasmus students and partners where young people and their parents were invited to discover international mobility.
    • Discussion round and debates organized with young disadvantaged people, Erasmus students and policies makers.
    • Intercultural dinners organized by ESN sections involving Erasmus students and young people in order to make them discover international diversity
    • Intercultural concerts were organized in some cities, mostly with the municipalities to celebrate international and the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+.

During one month, we discuss with more than 9000 young with fewers opportunities and works with 250 partners. Laure Coudret Laut, Director of French Erasmus+ national Agency, Alain Juppé, Former First Ministry, Simone Bonnafous as a representative of the Ministry of Higher education, and many politics and director of local organisations gave supports to Erasbus Tour.

The project was supported by the ESN France network in connection with the national agency Erasmus+. The network was able to count on the commitment of more than 500 volunteers to ensure the implementation of all activities.

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