Little Warriors Giant Humans

Born from a (g)old dream of two girls who met thanks to a mobility programme, “Little Warriors, Giant Humans” was a project developed during July 2017 in Fortaleza, Brazil.
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ESAA has frequently fund social projects carried out in Europe but this time, it was possible to improve the local community in another continent. Committed with bringing Europe closer to Brazil, this initiative was aligned with the theme for the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+ is “International Cooperation” and showed that it is possible to extend aid to the other side of the ocean and to contribute to other people’s life.

With the support of CASPAE 10, it was possible to help “Lar Amigos de Jesus” to fulfil its mission of “Hosting, Supporting, Give Social Assistance and Solidarity to Children and Adolescents with Cancer, liver and kidney transplants, tumors, hydrocephalus, cleft lips and congenital diseases”.

Extending the European solidarity opportunities to Brazil, by providing financial help and personal support to “Lar Amigos de Jesus”, this project had three main goals:

  1. Improve livelihood of children with cancer in Fortaleza using local human resources based approach;
  2. Ensure quality education to the deprived children with cancer living in slums of Fortaleza through a participatory and responsive community action.
  3. Promote the work of the Children Home in the local community.

During three weeks, the two organisers had the chance to bring smiles and some strength and hope to sick children and their families by visiting “Lar Amigos de Jesus” where they could play games with the “Little Warriors, Giant Humans” who also had the chance to discover more about life in Europe and how Education is really important to make them achieve their dreams.

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