ESN Italy’s National Erasmus Games 2019

The National Sports event gathered from the 12th to the 14th of April over 14 Sections and 50 teams to compete and wear the flag of their hosting city in Italy.
ESAA Projects, .

3 days, 3 sports, over 300 people, the NEG 2019 were the perfect event. Thanks to the support of ESAA, garagErasmus, Responsible Party, Fondazione Cariparma, CONI, our National Agency - and many important commercial and institutional partners - we were able to promote an active lifestyle of being healthier together throughout the whole event and show how sport can connect cultures.

On Friday, after the opening ceremony, the NEG 2019 officially started. For the football, volleyball and basket competition participants could win a ticket to participate in the international phase of the event (International Erasmus Games in Paris), which lasted two days. In addition, two important International projects were implemented: Social Erasmus and ExchangeAbility and the participation of a refugee team and a disabled team on Friday. For those not taking part in the competition, city tours were organized to promote the city and its beauty. During Saturday evening, after the awards ceremony, the Responsible Party project was implemented in order to prevent binge drinking amongst young students.

On Social Media, the coverage was quite high for such a specific event – over 2000 people were reached and, most importantly - ​La Gazzetta dello Sport - the national sports newspaper wrote an article about us. We are sure that this event was important to the participants and helped them to enrich their life making an unforgettable memory out of their Erasmus experience in Italy, keeping in mind the importance of sport as a means of inclusion and tolerance. This also helped making the Erasmus students feel more part of the community and building the Erasmus Generation that feels more European.

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