ESAA Seminar Weekend in Bonn (21-23 June 2019)

100 participants, 4 trainers hands on project input and networking opportunities.
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Participants from the member organisations ESN, EMA, gE and OCEANS took part in the ESAA Seminar Weekend in Bonn (21-23 June 2019). Hosted by the Gustav-Stresemann-Institut and facilitated by Mosaic, the participants had the opportunity to attend workshops to enhance their skills within their organisations and for the ESAA Projects scheme. Participants could choose from four different workshops including, Project Management, Stakeholder and Partnership Management, Volunteer Management and Alumni Management.

The seminar Project Management with trainer Marilena Maragkou provided participants with fundamental knowledge and skills to successfully lead and setup a project from beginning to end. It also explains how to turn project objectives into actions steps and prepare a project plan including project schedule and budget planning. The participants learned key project management concepts and to implement effective projects management processes.

In the seminar Alumni Management with trainer Edith Soghomonyan the participants learned the essential elements of institutional level of alumni management, successful approaches and challenges in alumni management, individual level of alumni management such as alumni and member engagement strategies, recruiting new members, leadership skills and ownership.

Stakeholder/Partnership Management with trainer Lutjona Lula trained participants in the field of stakeholder including management plan, communication strategies and useful resources/partnership with the help of finding platforms. The overarching question for the workshop has been: What is stakeholder analysis and what are techniques to do it? The participants had the chance to bring in their ideas and get advices how to approach this question in a structured way.

The Seminar Volunteer/HR Management with trainer Linas Staršelskis enabled the participants to understand human motivation to react to sources by understanding principles of personal and organizational identity and human needs. Participants had a chance to better get to know each other’s organization and perform prospect solutions of challenges they might face in the future as HR managers. This weekend aimed at helping member organisations successfully engage with each other and maintaining current volunteers and members in the organization.

Next to the workshops the participants had the chance to network with the different organisation members while enjoying a BBQ in a relaxing atmosphere.

After a full weekend of project work input and networking opportunities the participants left Bonn with lots of new ideas and impressions on how to approach future ESAA projects.

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