Employ your Erasmus

ESN Portugal strengthens the recognition of skills of Erasmus Alumni in the regional context of Porto.
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The ESAA project "Employ your Erasmus" intended to hold an event at the University of Porto with the aim to create a surrounding that is aware of and, most importantly, recognizes the international skills that Erasmus Alumnis have acquired. Even if the event couldn't be implemented due to insufficient registrations, great improvements in partnerships with garagErasmus, the University of Porto and some companies in Portugal could have been achieved as well as the development of a framework for the planned event was a result of the project's preparation work.


Implemented by ESN Portugal the planning of the event helped not only to sensitize enterprises in Porto for the personal skills development related to Erasmus but also to build up relationships with companies in Porto which showed high interest to interact with Erasmus+ Alumni. Furthermore, a basis for Workshops that address the recognition of post-Erasmus skills and pitching techniques was developed.


Additionally, ESN Portugal could strengthen its collaboration with other stakeholders. Together with the University of Porto some synergies regarding the services ESN provides to outgoing students were developed. They established also a close cooperation with garagErasmus. Both cooperation partners intend to organize further events like the one planned for June within Employ Your Erasmus in order to reach out to more members and to provide them a toolkit. This toolkit might even serve all ESAA member organisations.



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