ESAA projects 2019/20 - Round I selected projects

We are happy to present to you the projects that were selected in the first round of applications in the below news item.

We want to thank all the applicants for their great and inspiring project proposals. We received over 120 applications and are able to support 33 projects in this first round. For those who were not selected please stay motivated and get ready for our next round of applications in mid October.

We have prepared a short overview of all projects that were accepted below and have grouped them based on their project implementation location. Please check out the different projects below. If you come upon one you find especially interesting and would like to connect/collaborate with the project, feel free to contact the project manager.

Keep a look out for the #ESAAprojects #ESAAeu for information on the projects on our social media channels.

We wish all the project implementors best of luck and success with their projects.

The ESAA Project Portfolio I 2019/20:

Virtual Projects

EMA Podcast

A podcast featuring Erasmus Mundus alumni stories across the globe. Find out what successful EMA members are doing after their programs. Did they stay in their home countries? Or how did they find that cool job abroad? What piece of advice can they give others to make the most from their Erasmus Mundus experience and leverage their networks? In this podcast, we'll interview successful EMA members to know more about their career paths. Did they have a strategy? What were the decisions that took them where they are? What were the tradeoffs? Are they happy? Listen and enjoy!

Project Manager contact: Marcela Chavez Ocampo - marce.chogmail com


Webinars on Erasmus+ opportunities for Youth and Student NGOs - Part 2

Following the success of the first edition of the webinars "ERASMUS+ Funding for student & youth organisations", we would like to continue developing this concept with newly added information about Erasmus+ opportunities for ESAA members and Student NGOs in general. Student organisations (including ESAA member organisations) have unfortunately an important lack of understanding of how these opportunities work, how to apply and how they can benefit from it. They are however fully eligible and are missing on important opportunities every year.

Through this project, we aim at offering insights on Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of Youth and Higher Education, explaining the - sometimes complex - terminology used in Erasmus+ project funding (unit costs, Work Packages, Intellectual Outputs, consortium meeting, etc.) and providing tips and tricks on project management for Youth and Student NGOs on how to implement a project once funded. 3 videos will be produced during this project and will be complementary to the rest of the webinars videos previously produced. A Q&A session will be organised at the end of the project to answer the questions that the participants and viewers might have.

Project Manager contact: Dominique Montagnese -


Communication as a fundraising tool

Strong communication is central to a successful fundraising and community engagement strategy for every NGO. The project will create online instructional videos about the latest communication trends and tools. This includes: how to successfully use Social Media for creating and retaining an active community, building a strong presence to engage with other organisations and building partnerships, as well as how to get 10,000$ of GoogleAds funding for your NGO every month and how to utilise those most efficiently.

Project Manager contact: Stella (Styliani) Damigou - damigou.stellagmail com


ARMENIA, RUSSIA, UKRAINE - ''Edu VanHub" Media Literacy Workshops for Inclusion of Socially Disadvantaged Youth in Ukraine. International phase

After the successful implementation of the pilot phase of "Edu VanHub" in Armenia, the educational project is launching its second international phase in order to bring more impact and results.

"Edu VanHub" promotes the role of media literacy for the inclusion and empowerment of socially disadvantaged youth living in rural areas through educational space in a van type car Media Hub. The central goal of the project is to help young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds build their media literacy skills through immersion into innovative and inclusive environments. The project aims to promote Erasmus+ programme during the ride from Armenia to Ukraine (Armenia-Georgia-Russia-Ukraine). The methodology is designed on the principle that educational spaces can move and that learning can (does) happen anywhere there is interaction (movement) between people. In the heart of this proposal are the pan-European values of ​​inclusion, diversity, mobility and access.

Project Manager contact: Gevorg Harutyunyan- ge4yerevangmail com


RUSSIA - Professional networking and career opportunities land in RUSSIA!

This project will see the members of garagErasmus organizing various activities in the city of Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod (Russia). The cooperation with RUDN University and with N. I. Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod enables garagErasmus to implement an impactful series of actions in these three cities in order to strengthen the local alumni community and to make international companies open their doors to Russian and international talents.

In particular, garagErasmus4Moscow will organize sessions of International Talents Match in RUDN University and a session dedicated to all the international alumni to strengthen their cooperation and the access to more opportunities throughout Erasmus+ and ESAA; in the Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod an informative session of one day will be held for the first time to all international students, Alumni and Russian students interested in mobility programmes.

Project Manager contact: Mario De Martino - carlo.bitettogaragerasmus org



garagErasmus4Milano&Lombardia has been invited by the Camara de Comercio Italiana de Colombia to participate actively in the Aula Italia event, where hundreds of Colombian students of High School and of Bachelor courses will meet the main Italian Universities. garagErasmus will have the chance to hold a workshop dedicated to Erasmus+ and ESAA, focusing especially on the opportunities given by Erasmus+ to extra EU students, on how to connect themselves with European Universities and how to enrich their CV thanks to international opportunities. garagErasmus will have a stand in the 3-day exhibition fair, with the chance to approach also students in an informal way and to network also with Universities that will be present. The fair will take place in Bogotà for two days (18-19 Oct.) and in Medellin (21 Oct.).

Additionally, this project helps to directly connect the Colombian academic, student and entrepreneurial community to garagErasmus and ESAA. garagErasmus, in facts, will participate in meetings with officers of Colombian Universities organized by the Chamber of Commerce. Furthermore, during the days between 14th and 17th of October, garagErasmus will hold a speech in front of the 5th year students of the high schools Leonardo Da Vinci and Alessandro Volta of Bogotà, talking about the same topics mentioned above. In addition, garagErasmus will meet as well Colombian entrepreneurs affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce with the goal to involve them in the Erasmus+ programme and as well in the internationalization process.

Project Manager contact: Carlo Bitetto - carlo.bitettogaragerasmus org


USA - OCEANS Network: DC Community Group

The OCEANS Network: DC Community Group is part of the greater OCEANS Network and meets for monthly events aimed at professional growth, inclusivity, and international exchange. The community follows OCEANS' mission to support intercultural exchange and global dialogue between alumni and students; empower members in their personal and professional development; and enhance internationalization of higher education by supporting universities around the world to take part in international credit mobility programs and monthly community events are centered around this mission. The community is aimed at growing OCEANS, professional growth, and representing the network as a North American chapter.

Project Manager contact: Richard Underwood - richard.tyler.underwoodgmail com


Cuba, Jamaica, Trinnidad & Tobago - Increasing Erasmus+ awareness in the Caribbean and Latin America

As eligible partner countries for Erasmus+ international credit mobility, the Caribbean Islands of Jamaica, Trinnidad & Tobago and Cuba show low numbers of student mobility flows through Erasmus+. According to data from the European Commission, there are modest mobility flows between the EU and these countries. Such limited exchanges are due to low levels of awareness of the Erasmus+ programme, lack of access to information, tools and contacts in order to be able to take advantage of the Eramus+ programme. There is also a consistent interest from European students and professors from these countries to go to study or teach in these island states.

Therefore, the project "Increasing Erasmus+ awareness in the Caribbean and Latin America" aims to promote the Erasmus+ programme among universities in Jamaica, Trinnidad & Tobago and Cuba, to provide an overview of the programme and its possibilities, and furthermore to provide students and professors with relevant information on how to apply. The action is meant to have a relevant positive impact on increasing the mobility flows and the cultural relations between the EU and the Caribbean Islands. It directly contributes to the dissemination of Erasmus+ and to the widening of the participation by providing up to date information about the programme, as well as to the strengthening of higher education quality in these three countries.

Project Manager contact: Alin Horj - alin.horj1gmail com



WE AfriHug is a project with the vision to bring Africa and Europe closer; and the mission to empower youth through capacity building and by establishing connections between AU and EU HEIs and CSOs. WE AfriHug 2020 is built on the experience from WE AfriHug 2018 and WE AfriHug 2019.

This edition aims to promote Erasmus+ and widen participation of HEIs and CSOs in Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad, through training seminars. The objectives are: a) To promote Erasmus+ opportunities to HEIs and CSOs in the aforementioned countries; b) To build the capacity of board members, academic staff, students and youth workers for participation in Erasmus+ and c) To create synergies between EU and AU HEIs and CSOs.

Project Manager contact: Konstantinos Maragkos - dis.maragosgmail com



Every year around the world, 40 million young people - 400 million in a decade - join a labour market that is not growing enough. Around 70 million out of the 200 million people out of work are young, and if the economy does not prove capable of finding a solution, a whole generation is lost bringing with it a loss of human capital, social exclusion and dislocation. As the debate broadens about skills needed for the future of work, what seems clear is that the chronic unemployment and job instability affecting young people, holds devastating consequences for the society as a whole. ESAA member organisations can leverage their influence in education to strategically place members to seize opportunities of the future job market.

Therefore, the project creates a survey that assesses ERASMUS+ students and alumni level of competence vis-à-vis skills needed for the jobs of the future, providing critical insights for the EU and global education. The core project activities include: the creation of a survey platform by the PQA unit of EMA involving multi-methods in an interdisciplinary approach; interviews with relevant stakeholders; three workshops and focused group discussions to get rich qualitative data from alumni and youth in North Africa ie Tunisia (home of the Arab spring due to youth unemployment), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia, Africa office of the ILO and the African Union), Cape Town (South Africa, where the World Economic Forum will be held after several years out of Africa); the gathering of data and disseminating of survey findings by EMA, OCEANS and ESN and relevant global stakeholders; an online project team meeting to work on the data analysis, report, and dissemination; and finally the analysis of data, reportage and subsequent communication.

Project Manager contact: Felix Kwabena Donkor - uk


MOROCCO - Erasmus+ Alumni Retreat Workshop in Morocco (E+ARW)

The Erasmus+ Alumni Retreat Workshop will be held in Tetouan, North of Morocco, to celebrate Erasmus+ days on October 11th-13th 2019. It is co-organized by EMA, ESN, and OCEAN in partnership with Abdelmalek Esaadi University, and in collaboration with the EU delegation in Morocco, and Erasmus+ National Office in Rabat, Morocco. The three days workshops aim to develop the capacity of Erasmus+ community in Morocco. The overall objectives are: strengthening higher education quality by increasing skills and employability of Erasmus+ Alumni; spreading Erasmus + opportunities and ensure equal access to Erasmus+ mobility; develop the capacities of Erasmus+ Alumni by establishing sustainable Erasmus+ community.

Project Manager contact: Abdeltif El Ouahrani - elouahraniyahoo fr


MOROCCO - Erasmus+ MENA Forum: The role of Education in Boosting Employment & Creating Opportunities for Young People

While MENA is the world's second youngest region with over 50% of people under the age of 30, the unemployment rate of young people is almost double the average youth unemployment rate worldwide, with women especially at a disadvantage.

The main parts of the Erasmus+ MENA Forum will be:

  1. Introductory Webinar
  2. Youth Forum - 2-day capacity building workshops & discussions by 50 youth leaders on how to strengthen the role of education and entrepreneurship to increase employment opportunities for young people in MENA. Young leaders will act as multipliers back in local communities. There will be four different angles to tackle the overarching topic.
  3. Policy Dialogue will bring together youth leaders and policy makers from MENA & EU to present recommendations and engage in a debate how regional decision makers and international donors could most effectively help create opportunities for MENA youth.
  4. Post-project Webinar: digital mentorship provided for the trained youth leaders

Project Manager contact: Isabelle Eberz - isabelle.eberzgmail com


ARMENIA, ITALY - Erasmus for all, all for Erasmus (E-all-E)

E-all-E wants to promote the Erasmus+ Programme among young people and youth workers in the cities of Bologna (Italy) and Yerevan (Armenia). The project will communicate the different E+ actions by one information day and will train on how to submit a project related to European Solidarity Corps and KA1 by a two days' workshop, to train new promoters of the program in these two key cities.

Expected outcomes will range from a reinforcement of active and participative citizenship, personal and professional growth, to increase the linkage E+ brings to European and non-European countries by the multiplying effects of involving youth workers.

Project Manager contact: Rosalia Marchese - blogbolladariagmail com


BELGIUM - Erasmus Mundus Networking Evening

According to recent statistical data published by the European Commission, there is a relatively low participation of the European students (approximately 20%) in the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Programs (EMJMDP). The findings suggest that there is a need to further promote Erasmus Mundus programs. In this regard, the project aims to organize a networking evening; to promote international learning mobility opportunities; to spread Erasmus+ and widen the participation of students in EMJMDPs. The event will target potential and current students, coordinators and partners of EMJMD, alumni and EMA active members based in Belgium. There are currently about 23 EMJMDP co-hosted by Belgian universities, thus it is an invaluable opportunity to organise a networking event initiating synergies among these programs and EMA as well as increase their visibility. Besides, the event coincides with Erasmus Days 2019 which have symbolic and historical importance in terms of celebrating the Erasmus+ program in Europe and beyond, serving as a unique opportunity to promote learning mobility programs, share Erasmus Mundus success stories and exhibit the impact of these programs.

Project Manager contact: Caroline Herawati Manik - projectsem-a eu


BELGIUM - Ensuring Social Inclusion in Student Mobility

Ensuring Social Inclusion in Student Mobility is a project that aims to equip higher education institutions with tools to reflect, assess and organise inclusive student mobility in the best way. The project aims to create a toolkit that meets the needs of international relations officers and student representatives, and to empower them through a set of trainings. It aims to raise awareness among higher education staff and student representatives about the many aspects of social inclusion and how to identify and support students with different needs. This project application will serve as our first pilot, in order to continue championing these practices and spreading them in the sector of international student mobility.

Project Manager contact: Safi Sabuni - safi.sabunigmail com


Belgium, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Spain - EMAbility: Equal access to learning mobility

According to a 2018 report by the Inclusive Mobility Alliance, only 0.17% of participants of Erasmus+ inter-university exchanges had a disability, while about 15% of the world's population lives with some form of disability. This disappointing result in the programme's most popular strand indicates that we must strive for inclusion of marginalized students no matter what their special needs are.

In this regard, the project will produce a documentary about the embodied experiences of differently abled students/alumni, with inputs from the representatives of universities on challenges that they face in addressing this issue of exclusion. Another outcome of the project will also be the creation of a digital toolkit made with the help of EMA volunteers who are passionate about protecting the rights of differently abled students and alumni. The visual representation of experiences and the accompanying toolkit will serve as powerful means to voice the concerns and politicize the struggle of this marginalized group, and as a reference point for universities and policymakers to design more inclusive learning mobility programs and less ableist infrastructure.

Project Manager contact: Ingrid Annilo - ingrid.annilohotmail com


GREECE - Pop-Up disABILITY AWAREness activation

Imagine a world where diversity, acceptance, and inclusion prevail and the lack of education around disabilities has been diminished. With the Labyrinth of Senses project, ESNers will be trained on disABILITY AWAREness attitude on a local, national and international level. We will provide the ERASMUS+ students with a new interactive and engaging way of thinking on disability, while we will create a community of active youth citizens with the goal to overcome the prejudice and misinformation that surrounds people with disability. We will work collaboratively, with the use of the Sustainable Development Goals 4 (Quality Education) and 10 (Reduced Inequalities).

Project Manager contact: Emmanouella Paravalou - presidentesngreece gr


GREECE - Mind the gap

The project aims to empower Youth (18-30) in Greece to act as advocates of the European Union idea and values. The objectives are a) to raise awareness about Erasmus+ and to inform Youth about mobility opportunities, b) to build the Capacity of Youth with the necessary tools for the 21st century and c) to engage Policy Makers to support Youth Action. The project will be implemented in Athens, Greece and will bring together Youth to be trained and act as multipliers of knowledge. International grassroots organizations will cooperate with ESAA organizations to exchange networks, ideas and opportunities.

Project Manager contact: Marilena Maragkou - marilou2602gmail com


GREECE - #ErasmusLeaders; The career accelerator of the Erasmus Generation

#ErasmusLeaders is 2-day career accelerator event of ESN Greece that helps the members of the Network to discover their skills and understand how the job market works through meeting with some prestigious companies. The participants will discover the most important soft and hard skills of the job market, get a clear overview of what it takes to build a successful career, learn how the recruitment process works and meet with the participating companies to get a real-time interview.

Therefore, the first day of the #ErasmusLeaders will focus on training and providing the participants with all the necessary knowledge and tools to enhance their careers through training sessions, presentations and discussions. During the second day, the members of our Network will put the acquired theoretical knowledge into practice by networking with the participating companies while having interviews with them.

Project Manager contact: Emmanouella Paravalou - presidentesngreece gr


HUNGARY - Gender Equality and Intersectionality Training Lab

Regardless of many initiatives launched by the EC to advance gender equality and mainstream intersectionality, the Gender Equality Index highlights that the progress is moving forward at a snail's pace and in some domains is even going backwards. Training has a transformative power in changing people's behaviors, but gender training in particular has proven to be a quintessential tool in affecting individual and collective transformation towards gender equality and intersectionality by raising awareness and encouraging knowledge sharing and skills development among the participants.

In this spirit, the project aims to provide professional knowledge on how to deploy gender equality and intersectionality concepts, techniques and tools among the ESAA volunteers with the purpose to promote and advance gender justice, women's empowerment as well as combat multiple inequalities and discriminations faced on the basis of gender, race, class, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, nationality, religion, age and so forth. The gender equality and intersectionality training lab seeks to equip the participants with extensive knowledge and practical tools on how to incorporate gender and intersectionality perspective into practice, both inside and outside of student and alumni organizations, serving thus as a key site for enacting social change and contributing to the establishment of a more inclusive society.

Besides, the project intends to revitalize and strengthen the internal capacity of EMA Women's and LGBT networks, aiming to solidify the role these networks play in raising awareness about gender equality and intersectionality, likewise in promoting social cohesion and inclusion. The event will welcome a total of 20 (non)-European participants for a 3-days training, in Budapest, Hungary. It will be organized in cooperation with ESN Hungary and Rainbow Mission Foundation - Budapest Pride. Participants will develop a digital toolkit for ESAA organizations consisting of best practices and recommendations for mainstreaming gender equality and intersectionality not only within ESAA organizational culture, strategic action plans, activities and projects but beyond these frames as well.

Project Manager contact: Joana Xhemali & Ingrid Annilo - projectsem-a eu


POLAND - Katowice Internationals World Cup 2020 - A Ball Can Change The World

This is the 3rd edition of a unique 6-man mini-football tournament that aims to foster inter-cultural dialogue and mutual understanding through SPORT, raising awareness about diversity and promote social inclusion. The 2020 motto is " A Ball Can Change The World ".

The project includes around 20 different nationalities of participants living in Poland. Many foreigners came alone and struggle to find support, connections and share common passions. The event is a way to promote multicultural integration and diversity, increasing awareness of the local community about the co-existence with citizens from different countries, and some of them coming from very complicate situations.

Project Manager contact: Marco Cillepi - marco.cillepigaragerasmus org


POLAND - International Jobs in Poland

Our project focuses on the international part of the labour market in Poland and aims to make it more inclusive towards expats deciding to pursue their professional career in our country. We consider Polish job market to be full of career opportunities and we want to raise awareness about this fact among representatives of different nations with the main focus on foreign students - Erasmus+ alumni who spent their exchange period in our country. We will meet expectations of people who are looking for employment, by creating an online platform, in which young professionals will be able to find interesting job offers. Moreover, we want to bring international students closer to Polish employers. This can be accomplished by the series of events, e.g. in form of workshops. Additionally, this is also a great possibility to learn and develop new skills, useful in both: everyday life & contemporary job market.

Project Manager contact: Karolina Mroczko - presidentesn pl


ROMANIA - Erasmus+ Ambassadors Autumn Training

Our project aims to gather 47 volunteers of Erasmus Student Network Cluj-Napoca and nearby sections and initiate them in becoming Erasmus+ Ambassadors at the local level. Between 15th and 17th of November 2019, three certified trainers will come and teach the participants the art of communication, public speaking and how to promote correctly the Erasmus+ opportunities. The event will take place in an informal environment, in a quiet meadow far away from the city bustle, in order to create a strong bonding among the participants.

Project Manager contact: Cristian Constantin Paska - presidentcluj-napoca.esn ro


ROMANIA - ESN Timișoara - from GROUP to TEAM

The project aims to improve the volunteers' skills on professional and personal dimensions and enhance the relationship between the members of ESN Timisoara through workshops and small sessions, so that the group becomes a team. This will happen during a 3-day training, which will take place in November 2019 and will involve approximately 20 volunteers and 3 trainers.

Project Manager contact: Miruna Oana Vlad - presidenttimisoara.esn ro


SERBIA - (Ex)Change Your Lives

The (Ex)Change Your Lives seminar aims at building the capacity of youth organisations for promoting the Erasmus+ programme and supporting its implementation to a wider range of beneficiaries . The seminar will focus on discussing two important topics: discrimination in the context of higher education exchanges and the new Erasmus+ programme country context. Through a peer-to-peer approach to discussions and gathering information, ESN Novi Sad will create an info note for potential outgoing Erasmus+ students which would have long-term impact on knowledge distribution. Additionally, the event strives to create an intercultural environment focusing on regional traditions to facilitate better understanding of foreign student experiences.

Project Manager contact: Una Galečić - president.novisadesn rs


SPAIN - Multicultural weekend in a green environment

The weekend will take place in a small village of Cáceres. A cross-cultural encounter of three days and two nights where international students can meet and share experiences, culture, knowledge and consciousness about social topics and realities, including eco-friendly practices while they enjoy nature through different activities. Local inhabitants will participate as an important part of the regional culture immersion and will also learn about the Erasmus+ Programme through students and volunteers. It includes outdoor sports, multicultural meetings and tandems, international gastronomy (vegan and food intolerances included), green education and eco-friendly games and activities, etc.

Project Manager contact: Rafael Aguilera Rodríguez - rafa.aguileraesnuex org


SPAIN - Visibility of the structural male chauvinist violence during international mobilities

The project aims to create a short film to raise awareness and give visibility to the physical and psychological violence that women suffer on a daily basis, especially when traveling or living in a foreign country. The key piece of this project is the participation of international students of different backgrounds and cultures that, by sharing their personal experiences regarding gender inequality and sexism, will empower other women and start an open a conversation about such a serious matter.

Project Manager contact: Carlos Gutiérrez - carlos.gutierrezesnucm org


SPAIN - Erasmus Generation Mobility and Employability Opportunities Meeting (EGMEOM)

The local association of ESN UCM Madrid aims to collaborate with GaragErasmus to organize at the Complutense University of Madrid an international mobility and employability fair, during the celebration of #ErasmusDays in October.

The goal of this event is to promote international mobility and provide to the university community reliable information about destinations, mobility programmes and employability opportunities. The idea is to create a space where local students, incoming Erasmus, Erasmus+ alumni, university staff, members of different organizations, institutions and partners related with international education can meet to share experiences, best practices and learn from each other.

Project Manager contact: Fernando Bentué Martínez - fernando.bentueesn-spain org


SPAIN - Evento Nacional De Sevilla al Cielo

De Sevilla al Cielo is the second National Event of the academic year in ESN Spain from 6th to 8th March in Seville, where more than 1,500 erasmus students and ESN Spain volunteers gather during the same weekend. This event will promote mobility and allow the participants to discover Sevilla. During this weekend, several activities will be organised such as city tours, activities that gather elderly people, children and young people, and even sports activities that promote a healthy lifestyle. In addition, we will commemorate International Women's Day campaigning for equal rights and increase the visibility of women.

Project Manager contact: Claudia Cortés Rubio - desevillaalcieloesnsevilla org


SWEDEN - The Erasmus Generation meets the future - what's your future?

The Erasmus Generation meets the future - what's your future? will take place in Linköping, Sweden, during the Annual General Meeting of ESN. 800+ international and local students will gather to network with stakeholders, partners and universities to learn about the many international opportunities and benefits to be gained from youth mobility. The 6-hour interactive event will consist of a mobility and career fair with parallel sessions throughout the day. The mobility fair offers participants the opportunity to learn more about the Erasmus+ programme, universities across Europe, ESN and other international study possibilities. The career fair offers students a window into the Swedish labor market, providing the opportunity to network with actively recruiting companies. The parallel sessions will focus on the intersection of employability and higher education, and will include CV reviewing, study advising, project-planning hub, speed interview practice, discussions about education and mobility, consultations about current topics and panel debates.

Project Manager contact: Jawed Lalee - jawedagmsweden org


UKRAINE - Erasmus Values Weekend

A 3-day training will be held for ESN Kyiv members on the topic of social justice and equality. Through the training, participants are intended to get and improve their knowledge on the mentioned issues and to get practical skills of implementing the given knowledge in event management in order to apply them at the upcoming events organized by the newly established ESN section.

Project Manager contact: Elvira Shvydka - eshvydkayagmail com


UNITED KINGDOM - Get To Know Your Causes

We plan to invite participants from every section in ESN UK to attend a training weekend. By using non-formal education methods, we will teach the participants about the ESN Causes and Social Inclusion and we hope to motivate them to go and carry out activities back in their local sections. The weekend will include team-building sessions, workshops, presentations, a social inclusion activity, and a social program.

Project Manager contact: Ella Bastian - uk


UNITED KINGDOM - The UK challenge: Promoting Mobility in Smaller Cities

Participation of outgoing students in the Erasmus+ and other mobility programmes was always a challenge for the UK, especially for the students coming from or studying in smaller cities. Therefore, UK based students have yet to explore their full potential for participation in the Erasmus+ programme and other mobility programmes. In case of a no-deal Brexit, and if the UK will not participate in the Erasmus+ programme anymore, this problem will become even more intense and many students, especially those in smaller cities or rural areas, will never benefit from the opportunities of the exchange programmes.

But how can we break the barriers? The goal of our project is to explore the reasons why especially students of smaller cities or rural areas do not participate as much in Erasmus+ and other mobility programmes, we will exchange best practices on the topic and we will discuss in order to create an action plan on how to tackle those barriers. Furthermore, we would like to disseminate this action plan not only to the ESN UK sections, but also in the International Relations Offices and all the Erasmus, International and Exchange Societies of the Universities in the UK.

Moreover, our project will aim to train not only the volunteers of the Erasmus Student Network, but also the volunteers of similar Universities' Societies (International, Erasmus or Exchange Societies) on how to promote and support mobility opportunities to the Students of their Universities, especially in smaller cities (during the #Erasmusdays day). Aberdeen, a small-sized UK city, will serve as an excellent example to start the promotion of mobility to smaller cities.

Project Manager contact: Sofia Tyrla - nationalplatform.esnukgmail com

EuropeErasmus for all, all for Erasmus (E-all-E) | Erasmus Mundus Networking Evening | Ensuring Social Inclusion in Student Mobility | EMAbility: Equal access to learning mobility | Pop-Up disABILITY AWAREness activation | Mind the gap | #ErasmusLeaders; The career accelerator of the Erasmus Generation | Gender Equality and Intersectionality Training Lab | Katowice Internationals World Cup 2020 – A Ball Can Change The World | International Jobs in Poland | Erasmus+ Ambassadors Autumn Training | ESN Timișoara – from GROUP to TEAM | (Ex)Change Your Lives | Multicultural weekend in a green environment | Visibility of the structural male chauvinist violence during international mobilities | Erasmus Generation Mobility and Employability Opportunities Meeting (EGMEOM) | Evento Nacional De Sevilla al Cielo | The Erasmus Generation meets the future - what’s your future? | Erasmus Values Weekend | Get To Know Your Causes | The UK challenge: Promoting Mobility in Smaller Cities
AfricaWE AfriHug 2020 | ESAA Jobs of the Future Survey (ESFJ) | Erasmus+ Alumni Retreat Workshop in Morocco (E+ARW) | Erasmus+ MENA Forum:  The role of Education in Boosting Employment & Creating Opportunities for Young People
AmericaERASMUS+ and ESAA meet COLOMBIA! | OCEANS Network: DC Community Group | Increasing Erasmus+ awareness in the Caribbean and Latin America
Asia‘’Edu VanHub” Media Literacy Workshops for Inclusion of Socially Disadvantaged Youth in Ukraine. International phase | Professional networking and career opportunities land in RUSSIA!
OnlineEMA Podcasts | Webinars on Erasmus+ opportunities for Youth and Student NGOs – Part 2 | Communication as a fundraising tool
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ESAA - Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance

We offer Erasmus+ students and alumni a dynamic platform for networking, professional development and intercultural exchange.

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