Empower Youth to act as advocates of the European Union’s idea and values

Mind The Gap, a project of garagErasmus, envisions to equip Youth (18-30) in Greece with the skills and tools needed in the 21st Century such as communication, project management, pitching amongst others in order to be global active citizens. Moreover, it seeks to engage Policy Makers to support Youth Action.
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The team of “Mind The Gap”:

garagErasmus Athens and Erasmus Mundus Association Greece joined forces to co-organize and implement the project “Mind The Gap”. garagErasmus: One garagErasmus member from the local association garagErasmus Athens was the coordinator of the project. garagErasmus provided the platform weTipp for the engagement of youth workers that we interacted with during the project. Erasmus Mundus Association: The Country Representative of Greece acted as a contact point for the organisation of the training seminars and was present to contribute to the objectives of the project. Moreover, non-ESAA partners contributed to the preparation, implementation and evaluation of the project. Youthmakers Hub, JEF Europe, AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub and Greek Youth Mobility supported the project during the preparation and implementation process of the activities. The Representation of the European Commission in Greece and European Parliament Information Office Athens Greece participated at the Policy Makers Forum, the Europe Direct (ELIAMEP) disseminated the results of the project, the IEEE University of West Attica Student Branch supported the Training Seminar, the organization Balkan Beyond Boarders and the National Documentation Center co-organized the Policy Makers Forum.


2-day Capacity Building Training Seminar

A 2-day Capacity Building Training Seminar was organized mid-October with the following topics: 1. Project Management & Submission of Erasmus+ projects (Stages of a project, Tips on how to write a winning Erasmus+ proposal) 2. Mobility Opportunities and Tips for applications (Pitching, Communication, Exchange and Training opportunities, EMJMD, Crowdfunding campaign) 100 participants consisting of Youth workers and students attended the workshops. The gained skills such as communication, pitching, project management, and they received tips on how to write a winning Erasmus+ proposal and how to find all EU opportunities. All workshops were based on non-formal education methodology in order to make the workshops more participatory and interactive. The participants had the chance to learn also about ESAA, garagErasmus and Erasmus Mundus Association and how they could get involved in the association.

Policy Makers Forum

A round-table discussion between Policy Makers, Stakeholders and Youth took place. The aim was to gather all parties to conduct to intercultural dialogue and to disseminate the results of the project. 5 Policy Makers from 5 different fields were invited to share their views on Employability of women and their views were connected to the results of the project and the 2-day Capacity Building Training. Almost 100 youngsters attended the Policy Makers Forum and they had the chance to interact with the guest speakers and to exchange views and opinions.

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