Call for projects: CMS Career Opportunities Events 2017

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Erasmus+ Programme. Apply for this grant to organize Professional Capacity Building activities facilitating contacts and meetings between young international talents and private sector or civil society.
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The objective of the call is to bring together Erasmus+ students and alumni to organize Professional Capacity Building activities facilitating contacts and meetings between young international talents and private sector or civil society, in order to promote opportunities of professional development, employment and internships.

This could include events such as:

  • Workshops aiming to foster professional development - the topics might include soft skills training, career planning, leadership.
  • Study visits to companies and institutions where participants can learn more about career and educational opportunities they offer.
  • Networking events helping participants to explore career options and goals by meeting more experienced individuals.
  • Job fairs where participants can explore employment and internship opportunities

Here you can see a few examples of previous events:

Geographical scope of the activities eligible for funding

The activities of this type can be organized in the Erasmus+ Programme and Partner countries. For the list of eligible countries, please check here.

Who is Eligible for Applying?

Any member of the three Organizations constituting the ESAA Credit Mobility Strand (CMS: ESN, garagErasmus, OCEANS Network) can apply for funding. Although only one person is required as a contact point, groups are encouraged to apply, as long as any member of the group is a member of one of the three above mentioned organizations.

How to apply

Simply fill out the Application Form and send it to the ESAA Working Group: cms-career-opportunities(at)

Timeline and rules of procedure

  1. The call is opened until 10th of September 2017.
  2. The results will be announced by 17th of September 2017.
  3. Events must take place by 31st of October 2017 at the latest.
  4. The funding will not be given to the organizer prior to the event. Please refer to the Reimbursement Rules for detailed information about the funding and reimbursement process.
  5. Costs incurred directly by the organizers as agreed in the application, will be reimbursed by icunet upon submission of the online reimbursement form available on the ESAA website together with all original receipts accounting for the events’ expenses - which must be submitted by mail within 2 weeks after the event.
  6. A news item (one page) including three high-resolution pictures must be submitted to: (i) the Evaluation Committee: (cms-career-opportunities(at); and (ii) the ESAA service provider: (service(at) within two weeks after the completion of the event.

    1. The news item and the pictures submitted must follow the ESAA co-branding rules available here

Further Information

  • The maximum amount that can be applied for is EUR 5,000

    • We support all sizes of events, including small scale events.
    • One of the main criteria for evaluation is cost-efficiency and the budget should be balanced according to the number of participants and expected impact.
    • Please note that ESAA CMS Board might check the proposed budget allocation and potentially suggest adjustment to it.

  • Events are being pre-financed by the organizer him/herself.

    • Small amounts must be pre-financed by the organizer and will be reimbursed afterwards.
    • ESAA’s service provider icunet can support the organizers and can take over expenses above EUR 200. However, the applicant must provide the correct bank transfer and invoice details, and it will take minimum one week to actually make the transfer.
    • To qualify for reimbursement, original receipts of expenses must be mailed to icunet within 2 weeks after the event. Please check the reimbursement rules for self-organized events.

  • icunet will support the members with ESAA promotional material used for the event.
  • Events jointly organized and co-funded with the Erasmus Mundus Association are also encouraged.
Tips for the organisation of the event
  • Think of an inclusive and broad topic that is interesting to a lot of the organisations members
  • Have clear goals and outcomes
  • We recommend using both formal and informal methods within the projects, including lectures, workshops, peer-to-peer sessions, networking opportunities and more
  • Encourage post-event communication/collaboration
  • Event gadgets and other promotional materials should be included in the budget. Note that the ESAA service provider, icunet, also provides successful applicants with a limited amount of ESAA promotional material
  • Include a 10% safety net in your budget planning
  • Consider the approved budget when announcing travel reimbursement and check the reimbursement rules
  • Plan in advance: contact the Communications team communication(at) to promote the event on ESAA website and social media at least two weeks before organizing it

If you have an idea for an event but have never organized anything similar, contact us: cms-career-opportunities(at)

We’ll also be organising a webinar to help you shape your ideas, as well as prepare and execute your projects. If you are interested to join the webinar, please fill in this form and you will be contacted once the date and time has been set.


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