Erasmus awaking wanderlust since 1987

As we have come to the ninth edition of the Incontro Culturale Erasmus, Erasmus Student Network Italia celebrates thirthy years of the youth mobility, for a generation more and more european and international.
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Rome, november 7th 2016 – On the eve or the thirtieth anniversary of the Erasmus program, there are over three million young motivated by a relentless desire to leave, to discover and to find themselves as european citizens. The free movement of ideas and people encouraged by the Erasmus program is to be considered at the very base of the european identity that distinguishes new from past generations.

Erasmus Student Network Italia, a no profit organisation working for over twenty years on italian soil, dedicates to these thoughts the opening conference of the ninth edition of the Incontro Culturale Erasmus, with the emphasis on past conquests and future perspectives, with the idea of assessing the results of this phenomenon.

L’Incontro Culturale Erasmus is recurring event for the Erasmus Student Network Italia, it has the aim of promote Rome in order to allow more than 3000 international students to discrover the history and the charm of the city, thanks also to the local support of partners such as the Municipality of Rome.

The opening conference, entitled “Erasmus: awakening wanderlust since 1987” will see the president of ESN Italia Valentina Presa will engage a discussion with such figures as Maria Letizia Melina, the Director general for the student, the develpement and the internationalising of the superior education (MIUR), Flavio Corradini the Dean of the University of Camerino, together with Giovanni Biondi, the president of INDIRE and Alberto D’Alessandro, member of the italian council of the european movement (CIME).

This conference has been made possibile thanks to Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Associaton (ESAA) and can boast between other thing the patronage of Ministry of Education (MIUR), European Commission, Agenzia Nazionale Erasmus+/INDIRE, Agenzia Nazionale Giovani, Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea, the Municipality of Rome and the Regione Lazio.

This event took place on the 10th of November at 3 p.m. in the Communication room of the Ministry or Education in Viale Trastevere, 76/a – Roma.

Past perspectives, present ad futures will be discussed, among others, by Giacomo D’Arrigo, Direttore Generale of the Agenzia Nazionale Giovani, Sofia Corradi, known as “Mother Erasmus”, and Francesco Cappé of the GaragEramsus foundation; another guest is Martina Caironi, paralimpic athlete and former Erasmus student. Some highschool students will also take part to this event, in order to promote the Erasmus in School program, a project promoted by ESN Italia to bring closer to the Erasmus program the highschool Students: the real future of Europe.

At the end of the conference Valentina Presa officially opened the Incontro Culturale Erasmus.

Before letting all the participants leave ESN Italia, thanks to the ESAA support, was able to offer a refreshement to all the participants.

We now know that there is a little piece of ESN and ESAA at the italian Ministry of Education, thanks to all the gadget that the participants took from the stand we purposely set up!

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