Erasmus+ Alumni Experience Sharing Session, Ukraine

Organized by the Erasmus Alumni initiative group in Ukraine, Erasmus Promo Days took place in Odesa (October 15), Kyiv (October 28) and Ivano-Frankivsk (October 30).
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Over 190 current students and PhDs came to the events in order to get to know more details about all opportunities offered within Erasmus+ program. 13 Alumni (4 – online, 9 – offline) shared their experience and tips with participants.

The events were organized with support of ESAA and in cooperation with the National Erasmus+ Office and the Delegation of European Union to Ukraine. More than 15 media platforms joined the initiative and helped in spreading out the announcements.

Agenda was devoted mainly to education (exams, group work, internships), selection processes (application forms, motivation letter, cv, etc.) and career perspectives after Erasmus mobility. It started with the Introduction of ESAA and Erasmus + Program. Afterwards, the Parade of Erasmus Alumni presentations, a core of the day, took over, shedding a light on mobility pathways and successful cases of speakers. The stories were followed by Q&A sessions with an audience.

The entertainment part of Erasmus Promo Days included Europe Quiz and Hangouts after the event. The participants had a chance to win special promo presents while answering questions on EU’s values, history and culture.

To sum-up, the events showed a great potential of promo activities in regions where the majority of potential applicants allocated. The presentations made by recent alumni are made an huge impact on motivation and awareness of participants towards Erasmus+.

The Erasmus Alumni Initiative group in Ukraine plans to keep working on organizing the promo events in regions (Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, Zaporizhzhya), including broader cooperation with other forms of Erasmus+ activities (youth traineeships, volunteering, research projects, etc.).

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