ESAA Social Project for Refugees Call for Proposals 2017

The ESAA Social Project is a joint initiative of ESAA member organisations to support a social cause. In 2017, the Social Project is devoted to Refugees and their integration in the European education sector and job market.

Background/Summary of the Project

The aim of the Project is to help support the education of refugees in Europe (preferably) or other countries where there are refugee camps. Priority will be given to those countries facing more critical situations with respect to refugees.

The project aims to support 3 to 4 projects with a budget of up to 3000 Euros per project (exceptions can be made based on the idea and potential impact of the project).


Call for Proposals

ESAA for Refugees invites proposals for projects to address the key educational integration needs of refugees in Europe. The proposals should target one of the following key areas:

●      Enhancing the opportunities for refugees in the job market in the host countries, for instance targeted training courses;

●      Enhancing the opportunities for refugees to join higher education in host countries, for instance preparatory courses and exams for admissions;

●      Integrating refugees in the host society through art, literature and cultural activities.



To be eligible to apply for ​funding, at least one member of the organising team should be a member of one of the following four organisations constituting the Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association (ESAA):


●      Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association (EMA)

●      ​Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

●      garagErasmus (gE)

●      OCEANS Network


Note: Although only one person is required as a contact point, groups are encouraged to apply. The application should include proof of membership of one of the ESAA organizations (for example: a website screenshot, ESN Galaxy Account, garagErasmus Link).


Content of the proposal

Proposals should mention the activities proposed, a detailed timeline, and the budget. Proposals can be submitted for a one time activity or a series of activities depending on the scope. 


Proposals may be developed for activities with a budget up to 3000 Euros. The assessment committee will make a final recommendation for the budget allocated to approved proposals based on the scope and needs of the project. Thus, the proposal should include a detailed breakdown of expected expenses accompanied with a clear justification of the costs. Special considerations regarding a budget increase can be made depending on the scope and impact of the proposal.


Proposal Submission and Deadline

The projects are evaluated on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be evaluated up to 15 business days after a confirmation email from the committee. The ESAA Social Project for Refugees initiative has a limited budget and project proposals will be accepted until the budget is used or until October 1st, 2017 (whichever one comes first). Proposals will be approved based on the sustainability, impact, and replicability of the project.


Project proposals that have been approved, will be required to submit the claim/invoices for reimbursement (one claim per project, no pre-financing) after the event, at the latest by 30th November 2017 including the claim for the activities that are scheduled to take place after this date (final event date 05 December, report to be handed in by 08 December at the latest). No reimbursement claim submitted after the 30th November (final invoices/ originals provided to icunet) will be reimbursed. Please note that all orginals need to be physically (by post) in the icunet office at this date.


To submit the proposal, please fill in the following form and e-mail it to: esaa-for-refugeesesaa-eu org.



Please email your questions to “esaa-for-refugeesesaa-eu org” with subject “Question”



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