Building bridge between East & West project by ESN Turkey

The project aims to bring Erasmus students and refugees together and enable an environment for them where they can interact and enjoy their cultural differences.
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Project activities have started on November 14, 2015 and are currently going on. Erasmus and ESN volunteers are engaged in activities mostly with children. During the activities, English practices, informative games, sports activities, arts and crafts activities are being held for refugee children. Erasmus volunteers speak in English with them so that they can practice their English in a relaxing and playful environment.

Project activities take place in Kırıkkale (1 hour away from Ankara, the capital city of Turkey) once a week on Saturday mornings. So far, 4 activities were held and 5th activity will be held on 12.12.15. We are considering to hold 2 more activities depending on the budget.

Overall, 8 Erasmus and 6 ESN volunteers are participating the activities and contributing to the project.

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