Removing the Blindfold, small step to big change

Erasmus Student Network Belgrade (ESN BelUPgrade) with great help of Erasmus+ Student Alumni Association during the September and October has implemented project Removing the Blindfold.
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Creating Removing the Blindfold project started with a will of SocialErasmus team of ESN BelUPgrade to upgrade position of students with sight disability in academic society. To be sure that all academic society is covered this project was implemented in two phases, with two different target groups – students and institutions.

First phase of the project was implemented on 16th, 17th, 30th September and 1st October and it was called Brialle alphabet course, since it consisted 4 workshops. Target group were students in Belgrade, but special dimension and value of the project gave presence of guests from Niš, Novi Sad, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Aim of the course was not only learning participants Brielle alphabet, but in the same time educating them about difficulties which students with sight disability are facing on daily bases and ways of providing a proper help to them.

After very successful course, on 31st October was held Closing ceremony of the project where all participants gained Removing the Blindfold certificate.

Second phase of the project was Removing the Blindfold conference held on 31st October. This conference gathered representatives of the all universities in Belgrade and representatives of Association of students with disabilities, Association of blind persons in Serbia, Youth National Council of Serbia, ESN Serbia sections and National Board of ESN Serbia.

Aim of the conference was presenting to universities position of students with sight disability in Belgrade from the first hand, appealing them that all students should have equal opportunities for higher education and on panel discussion providing them with ideas and first hand advices for improvement of conditions of studies for people with sight disability.

After the project implementation and evaluation we can say only one thing – opening this problem with Removing the Blindfold project was small step which will lead to big change if we continue working on this in the future.



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