Erasmus Autumn Edition

The project Erasmus Autumn Edition: Sarajevo 2017 was organised in Sarajevo in October 2017 by the ESN Sarajevo and co-funded by the ESAA .
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The aim of the project was sharing of the personal experiences and insights gained during the exchange programmes and providing advices to potential participants of the exchange programmes. We have done that throughout several activities and promoted exchange programs, EU values, Erasmus+ programe, Erasmus student network, culture, language and food of European countries in our capital and several other cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while in the same time we promoted our beautiful country Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The two main events we are most proud of are:

Euro Dinner/Bosnian Culture Night and it was so amazingly tasty night for everyone who attended it. Everyone prepared a traditional meal from their country. We all had so much fun and everyone tasted some new meals which they never tasted before.

The picture below ESN team members and former and present Erasmus exchange students after we ate all the food

The second event we are proud of is the trip to Tuzla, where we met with members of ESN Tuzla, talked about exchange programe and had a presentation: Political history of Bosnia and Herzegovina in which we tried to explain to the exchange students and local students importance of knowing history of a country where they go on Erasmus exchange so they would not offend the locals and also they need to know their history so they can represent their country in the best way.

On a pictures below (1) group of the local students and exchange students during the interesting tour in Tuzla - in front of the statute of first Bosnian King Tvrtko I Kotromanic and (2)during the presentation in the Training house for youth "Labirint".

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