Erasmus+ Workshop in China

In the global field of Higher Education, China is currently one of the leading partners of the European Union, with more than 120.000 chinese students studying in the EU and 50.000 European students studying in China.
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In order to support these students, it is important for ESAA Member Organisations to be present and to ensure it’s Higher Education Institutions, because they can make the most out of their experience abroad.

Together with the European Delegation to China, members of Oceans, ESN and EMA organised a seminar in Beijing on the 25th of October 2017 that aimed to build the capacity of institutions to improve their International Relations policies and learn more on the Erasmus+ programme. There were participants from different backgrounds; International Relation Officers of Universities, responsible attaches for Higher Education from embassies in China and Non-governmental organisations in the field of youth and education. The content was tailored to introduce the participants to the full Erasmus+ programme and introduced ideas on long-lasting International Partnership building and showcased successful cooperations between European and Chinese institutions, student testimonials from an Erasmus Mundus student of the Chinese EMA chapter. The session closed with a round table discussion on which issues the different institution face regarding internationalization.

The organizers would like to give a special thanks to Mr. Marcin Grabiec and Mr. Miklos Horvath from the European Delegation in Beijing for their support and contributions to the seminar in Beijing.

Follow up meetings were held with institutions in Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai to offer additional support to these institutions individually where content and solutions could tailored to their specific needs. It is important to foresee capacity building for Chinese Higher Education Institutions in order to make sure all the exchange students coming from and going to China receive quality support before, during and after their exchange.

The Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Association and its member organizations hope to continue this fruitful cooperation, and the successful promotion of European Higher Education and intercultural dialogue in China.

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