ESAA projects 2019 - Round II selected projects

We are happy to present to you the projects that were selected in the second round of applications in the below news item
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The ESAA Projects scheme aims at encouraging collaboration across ESAA Member Organisations and advance ESAA’s mission.

We have prepared a short overview of all projects that were accepted below and have grouped them based on their project implementation location. Please check out the different projects below. If you come upon one you find especially interesting and would like to connect/collaborate with the project, feel free to contact the project manager.

Keep a look out for the #ESAAprojects #ESAAeu for information on the projects on our social media channels. If you would like to connect with a specific project please contact

We wish all the project implementors best of luck and success with their projects.


European based projects:


ALBANIA – ESN/EMA Project Lab on Social Inclusion

The Project Lab on Social Inclusion aims at boosting the Social Inclusion topic in both ESN and EMA organisations and organisational cultures, through the incubation of project ideas, development and submission of project proposals under different funding schemes that are unexplored by both EMA and ESN at the international and national levels. The project was born after a reflection on how student organisations in Greece and the Western Balkan countries (Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina) can better support the influx of refugees and migrants and better integrate them in the local communities and in their respective Higher Education systems. The project has then grown with the addition of new partners. All types of projects on Social Inclusion at large will be developed and incubated through the Project Lab on Social Inclusion. The event will welcome a total of 20 participants from all over Europe for a 3-days event, in Tirana, Albania. It will be organised in cooperation with ESN Greece who are the applicants of this project. Participants will develop a project concept on Social Inclusion for the next ESAA project calls that they can implement at the local and/or national level in their respective country, receive external support from an expert of the EU and CoE funding and tips on grant writing. At the end of this project, we aim at having at least 10 projects ideas on Social Inclusion developed, incubated, written and submitted for funding.


BELGIUM – “Erasmus+ students of today, international leaders of tomorrow” - ESTILT

More and more recruiters and businesses are searching for international talents that can bring in a transversal set of skills and competences to the workplace. Transversal competences such as intercultural leadership, adaptability, problem solving, curiosity and open-mindedness are recognised by employers and set as highly valued criteria in call for applications. 

Therefore, the main objective of this project by ESN and EMA is to have a two-day training aimed at gathering 20 students and alumni with international/Erasmus+ experience to further explore the concept of intercultural leadership in the private and public sector. Through the cooperation with other partners such as employers/employees from the private and public sectors as well as representatives from NGOs and the European University Foundation this training aims at giving young talents the tools to further explore the concept of transversal skills and intercultural leadership, how to excel in their professional profiling and how to better sell their international experience to employers. For further outreach, a video will be produced to promote the participants’ experiences and learning outcomes, a blog article will be co-written by the participants and a full report on the training and project will be written. 


BELARUS and ARMENIA – The hidden potential of International Alumni in Belarus and Armenia

The main objective of this project is to produce a video of about 45-60 minutes which is a series of interviews with International Alumni students. It aims at putting a light on the most impactful stories and to raise awareness of the hidden potential of young professionals with international experiences. The interviewees will be selected based on their experience, personal story and on the impact they had in their home country prioritizing but not limiting it to Erasmus Mundus Alumni. The video will also include interviews with other local stakeholders such as employers, government agencies representatives in Belarus and Armenia to get a broader perspective on the issue. Generally, this project will include Alumni stories from Belarus and Armenia and will work together with local governmental institutions and NGOs. After the production of the video and in order to promote this video a video presentation event will take place in Belarus and Armenia and the video will be disseminated on various platforms. 


FRANCE – French-German Section Meeting (FGSM)

The French German Section Meeting is a networking event that gathers young Erasmus Student Network (ESN) volunteers from France and Germany each year. This year it will take place in Montpellier from 29th to 31st of march. The event will focus on the social inclusion of international students by sharing best practices between French and German volunteers as well as trainings. The project’s objective is to strengthen the French German cooperation by having annual physical meetings. By changing the hosting country each year, we can additionally give our volunteers the opportunity to experience different regions and traditions of France and Germany. In cooperation with the French-German office for youth (OFAJ) and a local University the project aims at improving the quality of social inclusion activities by learning from each other but also by getting input from experts delivering trainings on the subject. During the three-day event in Montpellier workshops, plenaries, working groups and training will take place.


ITALY – National Erasmus Games 2019

The National Erasmus Games (NEG) event is one of the prominent events of “Erasmus and Sport” project by Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Italy. They represent a sort of “Erasmus Olympics" at a national level that will be held in mid-April 2019 in the city of Parma. The teams that stood out the most during the tournaments in the selected sports (football, basketball and volleyball) organized by the single local ESN sections will be invited to participate in the national event. The NEG consist of a project involving about 22,000 students spread across our peninsula of which between 500 and 1,000 athletes will face each other in Parma. Finally, NEG winning teams will have the opportunity to compete for the title of the European champion during the International Erasmus Games (IEG), which take place every year in a European city. Sports is a very useful training and educational tool to raise awareness among young people about important issues such as health, integration and social cohesion. The NEG is planned to be a four-day event followed by written and published articles, the production of an after movie and the dissemination of a feedback survey.


PORTUGAL – Emprega o teu Erasmus! - Employ your Erasmus!

The Erasmus experience is not limited to the mobility period, as we believe Erasmus experience contributes throughout your life. To make this a reality for everyone, there is a need to establish support for outgoing students once they have returned from their mobility period. This project intends to create a toolkit for local associations to multiply the event, aiming at Erasmus Alumni uncovering the importance of their experience for their future life with workshops and direct contact with future employers. Additionally, international students and exchange students that consider to build a career in the country of mobility and studies will benefit from the project, as well. The organisers being ESN Portugal and garagErasmus Foundation will cooperate with one Portuguese Higher Education Institution in Porto and with several companies from different job sectors. The first activity will be an event in Portugal including workshops and a Talent Match with companies. The second will, therefore, gather all the material to create a toolkit for future implementations of such an event for organisations working with Erasmus+ and/or other mobility programmes with similar benefits. This toolkit will be shared with the other member organisations of ESAA.



The YOU & ESAA project aims at promoting ESAA as well as opportunities for studying abroad among Ukrainian youngsters with fewer opportunities. This project will give the Ukrainian marginalized youth the opportunity to learn how to internationalize and enrich their resume to promote international mobility. This is an event organized by students for students bringing together students and alumni of different international exchange programmes.  The one-day full-immersion conference will take place in Sumy, Ukraine on the Day of Europe, Thursday 9th May 2019 for which every member organisation will send at least one representative as a speaker. GaragErasmus Foundation's representative will give a speech on the relationship between studying abroad and getting hired, EMA's representative will run a workshop about the Erasmus Mundus Programme, OCEANS' representative will give a workshop about Credit Mobility Exchanges and ESN’s speaker will run a workshop about ''Erasmus Intern Traineeship Portal'', which is a website powered by ESN International for finding an internship during Erasmus.


UKRAINE – Bridging science and business in Eastern Partnership countries (case of Ukraine)

The main focus of the event is to establish a discussion between start-ups in the Ukraine and the EU on the pros and cons of managing projects on the edge of business and science. Although the quality of Bachelor and Master-level graduates in Ukraine is highly rated, a huge gap between academia and business exists. In addition, not many applicants from the Ukraine are successful at receiving grants from innovative excellence programmes such as the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, Erasmus Mundus PhD programs and Horizon 2020 platform due to a lack of awareness. Therefore, there is a need to promote Top-European programmes and enhance proposal writing skills to receive support in order to foster the cooperation between science and business. The best start-ups of Ukraine will be invited to conduct workshops and join the discussion on bridging science and business in the country. The suggested venue for the two-day event is the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, which is the top-ranked 400-year-old university in the centre of Kyiv.


South America based projects:


BRAZIL – #HowToErasmus+ : Workshops in Brazil on how to build a strong application to Erasmus+ opportunities

The #HowToErasmus+ project aims at enabling hundreds of Brazilians to attend a three-hour workshop focusing on how to develop a strong application for Erasmus+ opportunities. The project focuses on capacity building enabling participants to better prepare for the selection processes. A special focus is given to the Erasmus Mundus scholarship and the opportunities published on the EURAXXES Portal. This three-hour workshop will be offered eight times at five different universities in Brazil, with an expected attendance of between 200 and 400 participants. The speaker/trainer was an EM scholarship holder who first heard about the scholarship at an EMA information event in 2010. His personal goal is to also promote Erasmus+ opportunities among current university students by using improved techniques that have a stronger and wider range of positive impact. Each participant of this workshop will be invited to produce and share a personal text or video with his summary of what was learned and his personal goals and chosen strategies to prepare for and apply for Erasmus+ opportunities. 


Africa based projects:


Ethiopia – Africa-Europe Dialogue on Education, Mobility, Youth

The main objective of this project is to think global and act local to contribute to investing in people and building contacts between people through educational mobility, capitalizing upon the Education + Mobility + Youth Nexus. In more detail, this project aims at ESAA becoming a recognized partner of the African-Europe Partnership as part of the Civil Society Pillar and at formulating an ESAA Contribution Strategy which should attract attention to critical issues for Africa-Europe Partnership. All four member organizations will cooperate and the project will be implemented via a 3-day agenda in Addis. The events will include formulating the ESAA Contribution Strategy, covering a Kick-off Expert Seminar by the EU Delegation to African Union, a working day at the University of Addis hosted by the Institute for Higher Education and a working meeting with AUC education and youth units which is hosted by the African Union. During these events video testimonies and the results of the dialogue will be produced. 


Online based projects:


VIRTUAL and FACE-TO-FACE – Project – Green Education with ESAA

This project called the “Green Education with ESAA” will address not all but one of the current issues relevant to ‘availability’. The outline of this project includes a development of a simplified IT application which can assist in reconnecting the “green” gap by ensuring collaboration between the stakeholders of green education institutions, a chain of green ambassadors (members of ESAA particularly EMA) and the seekers of courses that are green and sustainable through the support of ESAA’s wide network. With the help of the strong and wide ESAA network, the green ambassadors will support the growth of green education architecture and provide the evolving green knowledge to the education seekers by using an IT platform which enhances green knowledge accessibility and thus connects the green dots. The planned activities range from forming a working group of 2-3 people contacting relevant stakeholders within EMA through teleconferencing to align certain requirements, to designing, developing and testing the IT platform. Furthermore, institutions and green ambassadors who are interested in being a part of this project should be gathered through webinars. Last but not least this project will initiate the knowledge based platform to green education seekers.


ONLINE – EMANATE - The EMA Magazine for Social Inclusion, Empowerment, and Participation

EMANATE Magazine is a publication crafted by EMA Communications Team and aims at building upon an international community and network of global citizens by reaching prospective and current students, alumni, EM Coordinators, and general public interested in higher education and international mobility. The project will revive the previously successful EMANATE Magazine initially issued in the past between 2010 and 2016 that reached a diverse group of audience such as EMA stakeholders, the EC, national agencies and universities. The magazine, in print and online, will reflect the EMA values of excellence, diversity, equality, education, and sustainability but more importantly, will contribute to Increasing Social Inclusion, Empowerment, and Participation. EMANATE Magazine will co-promote ESAA and its Member Organisations (MOs) by including at least one interview with each member organisation representative per issue as well as information about ESAA’s most interesting activities and projects. It will serve as a tool to promote what has been done internally within EMA to further strengthen our own community and to communicate EMA’s impact on the outside world. In order to successfully carry out the goals of the project, the following phases will be executed: content production, graphic design, magazine promotion and post-evaluation. 

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