Call for trainers - ESAA Seminar weekend 21-23 June 2019

ESAA is organising a seminar weekend with its member organisations and we are in search of trainers.

Have a look at the below topics that we would like to offer our participants and apply for a great exchange with young, innovative minds.

We are searching for trainers in these four topic areas:

  • Stakeholder/Partnership Management
  • Alumni Management
  • Project Management (especially budget planning)
  • Volunteer/HR Management

Skills Required:

  • Proven experience in one of the above mentioned topics
  • Excellent organisational, and project development and management skills
  • Excellent communication and English skills, teamwork and intercultural competencies
  • Ability to meet deadlines in remote and volunteer environments

Dates: 22-23 June (1-1.5 days) - Saturday (9am - 4 pm) and Sunday (9am - 1pm)

Honoraria: 150 EUR + travel/accommodation and catering are taken care of

Application deadline: 5 May 2019, 10 am


Please check the below overview for our key objectives we hope to achieve in the seminars.

 Stakeholder/Partnership Management:

  • Stakeholder analysis and identification process (relationships, ect.)
  • Stakeholder management plan
  • Stakeholder interests, expectations and communication
  • Stakeholder engagement (advantages and risks)

Alumni Management:

  • Member management
  • Recruitment: member recruitment strategies and techniques, why recruitment plans can fail, definition of members that organisation wants to recruit, new member orientation
  • Assessment of what members need before beginning recruitment process
  • Reasons why former students should get involved (also old members who become alumni in a student organisation)
  • Benefits and opportunities (mentor programmes for alumni, etc)
  • Incentives for Alumni to stay involved/in touch
    Creation of an "Alumni atmosphere/environment" in your organisation

Project Management:

  • Provide participants with fundamental knowledge and skills to successfully lead and setup a project from beginning to end
  • Turn project objective into action steps and prepare a project plan
  • Identify and manage risk
  • Create a project schedule and budget planning/estimating and tracking expenses
  • Learn to leverage key project management concepts
  • Implement effective project management processes

Volunteer/HR Management:

  • Volunteer Management
  • Keeping members motivated and active, engagement management and creating optimal experiences
  • strategies to engage volunteers by using retention strategies
  • Understanding volunteer motivation
  • Implement meaningful volunteer recognition strategie
  • Planning tools for engagement

Have we caught your interest? Apply now and become a trainer at the ESAA seminar weekend.



If you have any questions feel free to contact us at serviceesaa-eu org


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