Young Europeans increased their employability at the Business and Finance Conference

20 young Europeans came to Brussels to improve their skills that are essential in the current world of work.
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The Business and Finance Conference was a project that was intended to develop transversal skills and building capacities regarding financial management and fundraising of young Europeans that are part of the Erasmus Student Network’s member organisations. We collaborated with Google, the European Institute for Industrial Leadership and the European Commission. The project focused on offering participants digital skills, negotiation skills, complementing formal education, but also training for trainers to ensure the further dissemination of the content of the training.

Twenty young Europeans that are part of the Erasmus Student Network’s member organisations were present during the event which took place in March and during the calls before and after the event. However, the project has a wide reach, since each participant spread their knowledge gained through the project to their own networks after the event. They achieved this by organising training sessions within their countries based on the skills gained at the training event in Brussels. Every post we made on social media about the event have reached around 1,200 to 1,300 people.

We have focused on promoting soft skills, knowledge through non-formal education, job opportunities, inside knowledge of HR/recruitment procedures and success stories of people turning their volunteering activities or traineeship into full-time employment. Those goals have been promoted during a training event in Brussels which was organised by company representatives and by trainers of ESN’s internal training program. The participants have also received preparation before the event and follow-up after the event through calls.

Our project supports cluster 1 (Strengthening Higher Education Quality) by increasing the skill development of the participants through non-formal education on transversal skills that are essential in the current world of work. It also contributed to bridging the skills gap and helping with transition of graduates between the higher education institution and the labour market. Furthermore, our project has increased the employability of the participants by focussing on expanding and improving awareness on the skills youth workers gained during their volunteering.

Our project also supports cluster 4 (Capacity Building) through the development of networking opportunities with the participation of Google and the European Institute for Industrial Leadership at our event. In addition, since the project focuses on youth workers that either volunteer or study in the field of business and finances, it will be relevant for participants to network with each other. Furthermore, our project has provided trainings and skill enhancement to our network members.

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