ESAA was part of one of the biggest Mobility Fairs in Europe

During the Annual General Meeting of Erasmus Student Network, more than 500 universities were present in a massive Fair. International and local students had the chance to get informed about academic & mobility opportunities.
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During the Annual General Meeting of Erasmus Student Network, which was hosted by ESN Greece in Thessaloniki, a massive mobility fair took place. The Mobility is a lifestyle, which took place on 21st April and was a successful cooperation between ESN Greece and Erasmus Mundus Association Greece aiming to promote the idea of mobility and Erasmus+.

More than 800 international students, from all over Europe, presented their country and university to local students, providing them with information about their universities and academic opportunities. Our partners, such as the National Agency of Erasmus+ in Greece, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the office of Europe Direct, promoted the Erasmus+ programme and raised awareness about the opportunities and benefits of mobility programmes.

All local students of Thessaloniki, which is the largest university city in Greece with more than 120.000 students, were invited and they had the chance to come, get informed, participate and interact with the international community. Our communication strategy proved to be very efficient because we attracted a lot of attention from the media (newspapers, blogs, radio & television) and as a result, we welcomed more than 1500 participants. Moreover, we would like to point out that a panel discussion took place on the topic of active citizenship giving the participants the chance to understand the importance of actively participating in the upcoming European Parliament Elections. Some important organisations such as the National Agency of Erasmus+, the office of European Parliament, ESN International, EMA International and JEF Europe participated in the discussion in order to encourage young people to become active citizens and to vote in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

Our project supported successfully two very important clusters: Spreading Erasmus+ and Widening Participation & Capacity Building. In the first case, we tried to increase, as well as spread, the knowledge of the Erasmus+ programme through the mobility fair. The participants of the Annual General Meeting of ESN were our mobility ambassadors promoting the various educational opportunities in their home universities while our partners, such as the National Agency of Erasmus+ in Greece, supported our work as well. In the second case, we brought together a wide range of organisations and institutions using the fair as a networking platform. Moreover, we gave the chance to ESAA members as well as the rest of the external partners to cooperate with each other and share best practices throughout the event.

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