Social Inclusion and reverse culture shock - the topics of the MeetUp by ESN CZ

Members of ESN and the Association of Students of Psychology gathered together tobrainstorm on new ideas and shared the knowledge about the Causes of ESN, Erasmus in Schoolsproject and the very new project focused on the post adaptation after an exchange.
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The first weekend of May was full of discussions about the inclusion and adaptation. Members of ESN and the Association of Students of Psychology (CASP) spent an amazing weekend together in Brno, Czech Republic.

The event hosted participants from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Morocco, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The weekend started on Friday evening with the Dinner in the dark. Participants experienced an interesting moment when eating blindfolded and they also had a few “getting to know” activities. On
Saturday, participants were divided in two groups and each of them followed one track.

The Social Inclusion track was held by the National Social Inclusion Coordinator and focused on implementation of the Causes of ESN in our network. The topics of Erasmus in Schools project and cooperation with the National Agency were the most discussed ones. Participants went through various activities when they shared the best practices, gained new knowledge and had many fruitful
discussions, and they are now prepared to share all of this with the members from their local sections.

The Erasmus Adaptation track dealt with the reintegration of the local students back to their local communities after experiencing an study exchange. It is a brand new project, therefore, the participants discussed possible ideas and activities on what the ESN members can do and based on their own experiences, what could help the people coming back from an exchange to feel the sense of belonging back to the home community.

Participants also had an opportunity to listen to two strong life stories during the Human Library. On the last day, workshops on the topic of Health & Well-being and burn-out were prepared for them. During the last part of the MeetUp, we discussed the potential future steps that we might take, we reflected on the training, asked participants for the feedback and closed the event in a very safe
environment and reflective way.

The event has had a very strong potential for the future development of both causes. The local Social Inclusion coordinators gained new ideas on how to contribute even better to this cause on the local level. The cooperation with the NA is strengthened again and we have a lot to build on for the upcoming months.

The adaptation of the incoming local students is very important topic and we should care more about it. Based on the input we gathered during the weekend, we have created an action plan for the close future and we will improve and develop these ideas.

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