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The Crete Trip is the National Event of the Erasmus Student Network Greece.

Organized every year since 2010, it has become the biggest Erasmus encounter in Greece and one of the most popular ESN events in Europe!

Each year, more than 900 Erasmus students and ESN volunteers, 75+ nationalities from 40+ countries all over the world, meet on the biggest island of Greece, Crete, and spend 5 unforgettable days! It is a trip packed with activities, which offers international students the chance to discover the culture of the island, while acting as the peak-point of their Erasmus exchange.

This year, during May 8-12, the goal was to visit this beautiful island for the 9th time and respect it to the maximum by being sustainable and eco-friendly, while also raising awareness about it! By following ESN's mission, which is "the enrichment of society through international students", young people were involved in a big action for the environment! The project was named #GetInvolved at The Crete Trip 2019.

Before the event, in collaboration with a Greek environmental NGO "Let's do it Greece!", several informative pictures were uploaded on the event's social media pages, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle. These infographics reached more than 10.000 people who follow the page!

With the support of ESAA, the organising committee was able to purchase biodegradable materials, such as cups, straws, gloves and bags. Those materials were used throughout the event by all 900 participants, as well as by the organising committee and volunteers. During the Cretan Festival at the port of Heraklion, the participants had the opportunity to taste local spirits in biodegradable cups. Later that weekend, at the village of Matala, they were offered healthy fruit smoothies which they enjoyed using their biodegradable straws! Moreover, after spending a day at the picturesque beach of Matala, the participants engaged in cleaning the area from any garbage that was left. The beach was left intact and some of the participants described feeling like they got involved in the future of the environment!

The main goal of this project was to encourage young people, young Erasmus students, in taking the first step towards being more active! Apart from that, it was clear that most of the participants now know at least one way to help the environment. Our mission of encouraging people to #GetInvolved at The Crete Trip 2019 has been a success!

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