‘’Edu VanHub’’ Media Literacy Workshops for Inclusion of Socially Disadvantaged Youth in Armenia

10 visits and 20 media workshops for Armenian disadvantaged youth living in the villages.
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The project was proposed by 2 ESAA member organizations garagErasmus4Yerevan and Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association, Eurasian Chapter, EMA-Armenia. It started on February 5th and lasted until May 31st.

The main goal of the project was to help young people from socially disadvantaged backgrounds to build their media literacy skills. In general, we did 20 workshops in 10 Armenian villages. In each village we had 2 workshops - one theoretical and the other practical. Between the first and the second workshop we had a lunch break and after the break we had an introduction about Erasmus+ programme (Cluster 2: Spreading Erasmus+ and Widening Participation Component 2: Increase knowledge of the Erasmus+ programme).
In general, 100 young people participated in the workshops (10 participants in each village). The information about the ''Edu VanHub'' project was unexpectedly promoted through different media, radio and TV channels. There were more than 20 journalistic materials (TV and radio interviews, media channel and magazine articles) about the project and the story behind it. As Armenia is a small country many people were informed about the project and its philosophy. All the workshops have been realized using non-formal methodology of the activities, so all the participants were involved through learning by doing. At the same time the participants also had the chance to share their practice and develop these, while sharing the problems with the facilitators and getting advice from professionals.

We have created an online platform (website) for youngsters. During the visits we presented how to use and how to get information on educational opportunities through the website (Newsletter section). The newsletter periodically gets updated. In addition, the website serves/served as a communication tool between the organising team, participants, facilitators and all those who have/had interest in the project. During the whole project, our team was shooting a documentary film about the educational experience of marginalised youth and the story behind the idea and creation of the ''Edu VanHub'' project (Cluster 3: Increasing Social Inclusion, Empowerment, and Participation Component 1: Give voice to marginalised populations).

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