Erasmus+ alumni students from ESN Greece and EMA met together with University Officers to work on a better Erasmus+ programme

The opinion of students matters.
ESAA Projects,

The project was organized by ESN Greece and EMA Greece with the valuable support of the States Scholarship Foundation/Greek Erasmus+ National Agency for education and training and ESAA.
35 students from ESN Greece and EMA Greece and 30 University officers from 17 Higher Education institutions took part in the event. The results of the conference where shared with the Hellenic Ministry of Education and all the HEIs in Greece. The event was disseminated through the social media channels and reached more than 9.000 people.
The objective of the event was to raise awareness about the important role that student organizations play in the improvement of quality of the Erasmus+ in Higher Education. The fact that 30 university officers from the majority of the Greek HEIs institutions attended the event which was a student initiative shows the value. During the conference there was a big engagement among the participants and concrete proposals for cooperation were made. Representatives from Ministry of Education and the National Agency admitted the importance of the role of such student initiatives and endorsed the cooperation.

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