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This year marked the 16th edition of pan-European photo contest “Discover Europe” organised by ESN Poland. This edition ended with an open-air cocktail style awards gala in Warsaw which featured a new addition to it - the Travellers’ Panel.
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Discover Europe is one of the biggest pan-European student photo contests with a 16-year long tradition. Its aim is to promote mobility and travelling among young people through photography. This edition of the contest was divided into three categories: Discover Architecture, Discover Nature & Citizens of Europe. Throughout the year the contest was promoted with the help of our media partners on photography-oriented websites as well as using social media channels. We did not only promote the contest itself but also shared tips & tricks in the field of photography and presented interesting places from all over the Old Continent having something in common with the Erasmus+ Programme (e.g. name). From the 1st to the 31st of March students from all over Europe were able to submit their works. Receiving over 2300 submission we proceeded with the jury deliberations. The judging panel consisted of professional & experienced artists. Their main task was to choose the best of the best.

All the laureates were invited to the final Gala which took place in the centre of Warsaw on the 11th of May. Furthermore, we were also honoured to host the representatives of: Foundation for the Development of the Education System (Erasmus+ National Agency), commercial partners of the contest which provided us with awards and also members of ESN Poland - Local Boards & Coordinators of the project and National Board & Coordinators. After the official opening of the event we proceeded to the newest addition to the Gala - the Travellers' Panel. We had an opportunity to listen to the inspirational and motivational speech of Jan Mela - a famous Polish traveller & explorer who as a teenage double amputee, was the youngest person in the world to reach both: the North & South Pole. Thanks to his participation, all the attendees had an opportunity to understand that there are no borders & limitations when it comes to fulfilling your dreams. After the panel and a break which served as a perfect opportunity to admire the finalists' works displayed all around the venue, the highlight of the day took place - the Awards Ceremony. Winners of three categories were invited to the stage and were given their awards which were provided by our partners.

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