Doctoral Survey Analysis and Reporting

Towards recognizing students’ and alumni’s voice and improving higher education quality.

This project on Doctoral Survey Analysis and Reporting was orchestrated by Course Quality and Advisory Board, EMA in collaboration with OCEANS Network. The two teams successfully published interesting volunteer engagement opportunities through their social channels and websites. This way, all members of EMA, OCEANS Network and students who are part of current or past Erasmus Mundus or Erasmus exchange programmes were reached out to.

The project implemented by a very competent and diverse team of 7 members. As new volunteers were trained, the planned analyses tasks were executed helping reach the goal of high-quality reports. Weekly online meetings were organized for team members to interact on the project update and next steps. The volunteers received training on qualitative and quantitative analyses while they made progress in the assigned tasks. Also, volunteers received the opportunity of online training in third-party data analyses training website. As the timeframe progressed, the project was successfully completed with 20 EMJD programme survey reports ready for distribution to the respective Programme Coordinators and other concerned authorities of European Union.

The executed project satisfied the intersection of ESAA's cluster 1 (strengthening higher education quality) and cluster 4 (capacity building) interests. The reports generated in this project will be a 'powerhouse' of ideas to further develop collaboration-based research and academic courses under the umbrella of Erasmus Mundus. Through these reports we are able to present the neutral, diverse and unbiased voice of EMJD programme students' and alumni towards improving course quality and appreciating the aspects which shined through the EMJD course implementations. Overall, with successful completion of this project, the collaboration of EMA and OCEANS Network will further be fostered for future projects, under the financial support from ESAA.

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