Katowice Internationals World Cup 2019 – Together is Better

A unique football event with 16 National teams of only foreigners living in Poland, coming especially from the Katowice area and Silesia region.

The World Cup Katowice Internationals 2019 is the second edition of a unique 6-man mini-football tournament which aims to foster inter-cultural dialogue and mutual understanding through sport, raise awareness about diversity in the region and promote social inclusion. This year's motto is "Together is Better".

Our participants are both amateur players and players who participated in local or voivodeship, level professional play. They come from 16 countries from 4 different continents including Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. All of them live in Poland, in vast majority in the Silesian region.

The 2019 edition hosted more than 200 players involved from Algeria, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Ukraine and Vietnam. The 2019 champion was Brazil, a very strong team of young players living in Poland, that managed to beat the local Ukrainian team with a score of 3-1. The third place has been taken by Egypt, after penalty shots with Portugal.

This event gives the players a unique opportunity to compete with people from all over the World, and all the participants to experience other cultures, meet people who experience the same every day struggles of living in a foreign country and to meet local people who share their passions and interests.

Katowice Internationals Foundation is a non-governmental organization created to promote integration between foreign and local communities in Poland. It was raised in October 2018 as a response to the growth of foreign communities and their needs in Poland. The foundation implements its statutory objectives by conducting and supporting (organizationally, financially or through promotion) sport and cultural activities, language courses, and by providing any kind of assistance to foreigners in the region.

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