Building an impactful audience in the digital era

Volunteers of ESAA organisations took part in the UI/UX Training, organised by ESN to build capacity in the field of User Experience and User Interface Design and support local initiatives of international NGOs.

Attractive and user-friendly websites are a cornerstone of successful online communication - especially for international NGOs. That's why the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) - with the support of Erasmus Student & Alumni Alliance (ESAA) - organised a training event in Brussels, Belgium, from 17th to 20th May 2019. Entitled "Build an impactful audience in the digital era", the project aims to build capacity in the field of User Experience and User Interface Design in ESN as well as the Erasmus Mundus Student and Alumni Association (EMA), OCEANS Network, and garagErasmus.

During two days, 20 participants had the chance to learn from two experienced trainers - Jan Hrubý and Emmanouil F. Ioannidis. The sessions tackled both the design and the IT aspect of UX/UI, ranging from Visual identity, Colour Theory or Icon design to Information Architecture, Semantic HTML or Responsive design. The training was built upon using Non-Formal Education (NFE) principles, allowing participants to exchange their best practices and share new perspectives from the very dynamically developing field of webdesign.

In addition to the official sessions, participants of the training had also the chance to discover Brussels and its culture and bond during icebreaking and teambuilding sessions. The thread with useful resources, which has been started, will be constantly expanded and will surely contribute to keep up with everchanging technologies. Through the newly acquired skills, participants will be able to enhance their online presence to support local initiatives, improve the accessibility of their websites for people with disabilities, improve information provision and reach more people with communication of high quality. All of this leads to strengthening the overall brand of ESAA and its member organisations. We hope that all participants will put their acquired skills to good use after coming back home!

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