The disABILITY AWAREness activation

Together with KINITRO NGO, Emmanouella Paravalou (member of ESN Greece) organised the ESAA project “Pop-Up Disability Awareness Activation” from November to December 2019 in Greece in order to overcome prejudices and misinformation regarding people with disability.

During November and December 2019, seven workshops and activities were organised to educate volunteers, students, and their parents with regard to people with disabilities. The goal of this project was to inform people and raise their awareness about the problems and difficulties people with disabilities are facing in their everyday life.

The ESAA project started with a 6-hour Academy for the Erasmus+ leaders on disABILITY AWAREness and workshop facilitation to become ambassadors in their communities. Afterwards, a second training was held with the aim to learn how to facilitate workshops and to promote education regarding disabilities and help people with and without disabilities interact with each other. The result was an all-day activation bringing the Erasmus+ community and local social advocates (NGOs, municipalities, etc) together: An educational escape room helped to boost teamwork, enhance creative thinking and problem-solving in a multicultural environment, raise cultural awareness, and exchange knowledge on PwD in different countries through experiential activities.

In the framework of the International Day of People with Disabilities on 03 December and the World Volunteering Day on 05 December, the team of the project in collaboration with the Municipality of Nafplio, Europe Direct municipality of Nafplio, the Association of People with Disabilities Argolida and the Directorate of Second-Level Education of N. Argolida organised experiential and educational activities:

A group of 13 volunteers from “Labyrinth of Senses” was invited, which encouraged an event with educational and recreational activities for children with disability. On 05 December, the above-mentioned team welcomed 300 students from 12 classes of the 1st and 2nd High School of Nafplio in the indoor basketball gymnasium of the Municipality of Nafplio. The group of volunteers sensitised and familiarised children with the problems faced by our fellow citizens with disabilities and inspired them to volunteer through experiential actions, games, and painting.

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