ESAA working group members met again in Amsterdam

In beginning of March, ESAA working group members met in Amsterdam to evaluate the progress of the organisation since the last meeting in November and to establish further steps for this year.
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The participants met in Friday evening to discover together the historic canals of the city and to get to know the each other, since some of the members changed since last meeting in Madrid. Saturday morning started with a plenary session where the board and the working groups presented the achievements and main challenges of the last couple of months. Then the groups split and worked independently on their further plans. They presented the main outcomes during Sunday morning. Have a look of the brief summary of the meeting:

Survey & Research

The Survey & Research group processed the feedback coming from the European Commission on their survey topics. They defined their action plan on drafting a survey targeting mobile and non-mobile students about the internationalization at home.


The Communication working group will continue its role as maintaining the communication channels of the ESAA. They will issue two magazines during the year, newsletters in every two month and keep alive the social media channels of the organisation. Furthermore they got access to the brand new website of ESAA.


The Erasmus+ Promotion working group was brainstorming about gadgets what we can send for promoting local events. Also they will create a presentation and some other digital promotion materials to make Erasmus+ promotion more efficient. Furthermore they established a plan to organize webinars and trainings for Erasmus+ trainers.


The Event WG prepared a general 4-month long strategy on how to organize ESAA’s event, focusing mainly on annual general meetings and working group meetings.

Professional Development

The Professional Development group was working on the idea of ESAA incubator for start-ups and social projects, also they are in cooperation with the Promotion WG on the organization of the Train-The-Trainer events and webinars


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