“Meet Uniplaces” brings together students and entrepreneurship

The “Meet Uniplaces” allowed students from all around Portugal to connect in an educational environment, to discover how an international startup company operates, find out what skills employers look for and learn more about the opportunities within one of Europe’s most successful startups.
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The event was organised at the Uniplaces Headquarters on 7-8 July incooperation with the Erasmus Student Network Portugal and the Erasmus+ Student AlumniAssociation.

The event gathered together 23 students from 4 different Portuguese cities and 6 nationalities, including Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, British, Brazilian and Venezuelan. Through various sessions and workshops, interaction was an important element between the participants and the organisers both from Uniplaces and ESN Portugal. The organisers challenged the participants to engage in teamwork and brainstorming sessions, to find concrete solutions to business cases and to reflect on how their own competencies could contribute to the development of specific business projects.

“Entrepreneurship allows us to change our normal path of life to discover a lot about ourselves and the world,” says João Ribeiro, who is currently studying at the University of Lisbon and works part-time at Uniplaces as the Ambassador Manager for Lisbon. “It is one of the best ways to grow and to have impact on other people’s lives.”

A key objective of the event was to bring young and internationally-minded
students closer to entrepreneurship, that is why one of the co-founders of Uniplaces Mariano Kostelec also shared his personal experience of starting a company. As a matter of fact, Uniplaces was founded in 2012 by three university students who all faced the challenge of finding accommodation during their stay abroad, until it grew into the successful business it is today. Other sessions were aimed at providing insights into the operations of Uniplaces, such as branding and performance marketing, to give an example of the importance of building independent but interconnected teams within a company.

As one of the employment opportunities of students within the startup, the participants were also introduced to the Uniplaces Ambassador Programme – a network of higher education students across Europe who help other international students finding a new home for their studies or internship abroad while gaining concrete work experience and networking with other like-minded students. The programme currently employs over 100 students and open applications can be sent through academy.uniplaces.com.



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