Turn your volunteering hobby into your future profession, Spain

Nowadays, more and more companies are looking for distinct, unique features in their employees’ professional careers. Volunteering is one of these complementary activities standing out as an advantage when it comes down to an eventual recruitment process.
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That is why last weekend, the Erasmus Student Network Spain (ESN Spain) held the event “Turn your volunteer career into your profession” with the support of Universitat Jaume I and the funding from the Erasmus + Student and Alumni Association (ESAA).

The activity was marked by an easygoing atmosphere in which more than 55 people coming from ESN Spain youth, together with guests from other associations such as the Young European Federalists (JEF Europe), institutions like the Universitat de València, the Universitat Jaume I de Castellò, the Universia Foundation and partners (Splitfy, Recruiting Erasmus, and Lycamobile), attended several workshops and conferences to practice the skills gained during volunteering activities with a strong focus on the labour market. Public speaking, leadership o negotiation skills were some of the topics directed to improve the capabilities that ESN Spain members develop during their volunteering in the association. “It is a completely new event, different to anything else done before in ESN Spain”, says Samuel López, President of ESN Spain. He adds, “it focuses on highlighting everything you learn in ESN and the social skills you gain during your Erasmus experience”.

Carlota Sola, event trainer, defined this weekend as an event which “addresses a need” in ESN Spain members to “professionalize their skills”. The advanced workshops allowed participants to reflect on their skills when it comes to apply them in their personal and professional life. Moreover, several startup companies (relevant in the entrepreneurship world such as Lycamobile and Splitfy) and organizations concerning labour recruitment of students (such as Fundación Universia) also took part in the event.

Among the novice members, Jose Fernandes highlighted the great organization of the event logistics as well as the possibility to attend and therefore put in practice the new skills he is developing in the organization thanks to his volunteering work. This opportunity, however, would have never been possible without ESAA funding, represented during all the event by Robert Klimacki. He explained that “taking into account that this was an original, new event, it has developed in a really interactive way and developing professional skills from every perspective”.

The event was covered on the media with the hashtag #MyESNcareer and was also broadcasted live during the first day at the Universitat Jaume I in Castelló. Thus, those who could not attend the event could follow online the achievements of an event that emphasizes the practical implementation of the competences and skills developed during volunteering, demonstrating the strong link between the abilities acquired by volunteering and the job opportunities which such volunteering generates.

Lastly, ESN Spain would like to acknowledge ESAA because without their funding this event wouldn’t have been possible. We hope to continue our cooperation in future actions and events.

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