ESAA Events 2019

Monthly Plan 2019

We would like to share with you some activities planned by ESAA & the European Commission. You can pick a topic and plan an activity or event! It does not matter if it is a post on social media, a webinar or a conference. May these topics inspire you to be active and propose exciting new projects in 2019!



20th Sep.19 - 30th Nov.19, Bogotà and Medellin, Colombia


01st Oct.19 - 30th Apr.20, online
Webinars on Erasmus+ opportunities for Youth and Student NGOs – Part 2
01st Oct.19 - 20th Feb.20, Casablanca and Rabat, Morocco
Erasmus+ MENA Forum: The role of Education in Boosting Employment & Creating Opportunities for Young People
01st Oct.19 - 15th Dec.19
Communication as a fundraising tool
01st Oct.19 - 31st May.20, Brussels, Belgium
Ensuring Social Inclusion in Student Mobility
01st Oct.19 - 31st Dec.19, Athens, Greece
Mind the gap
01st Oct.19 - 15th May.20, Linköping, Sweden
The Erasmus Generation meets the future - what’s your future?
01st Oct.19 - 31st Dec.19, Athens, Greece
Pop-Up disABILITY AWAREness activation
01st Oct.19 - 19th Dec.19, Bologna - Italy, Yerevan - Armenia
Erasmus for all, all for Erasmus (E-all-E)
01st Oct.19 - 30th Nov.19, Brussels, Belgium
Erasmus Mundus Networking Evening
01st Oct.19 - 30th May.20, Budapest, Hungary
Gender Equality and Intersectionality Training Lab
01st Oct.19 - 31st May.20, Athens, Greece
#ErasmusLeaders - The career accelerator of the Erasmus Generation
01st Oct.19 - 31st May.20, Poland
International Jobs in Poland
01st Oct.19 - 31st May.20, Madrid, Spain
Visibility of the structural male chauvinist violence during international movilities
01st Oct.19 - 14th Jan.20, Armenia, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine
"Edu VanHub" Media Literacy Workshops for Inclusion of Socially Disadvantaged Youth in Ukraine (International phase)
02nd Oct.19 - 30th May.20, Iceland, Estonia, Hungary, Spain and Belgium
EMAbility: Equal access to learning mobility
07th Oct.19 - 10th Oct.19, Madrid, Spain
Erasmus Generation Mobility and Employability Opportunities Meeting (EGMEOM)
07th Oct.19 - 30th Nov.19, Timișoara, Romania
ESN Timișoara- from GROUP to TEAM
10th Oct.19 - 28th May.20, Washington DC, US
OCEANS Network: DC Community Group
10th Oct.19 - 30th Dec.19, Novi Sad, Serbia
(Ex)Change Your Lives
11th Oct.19 - 13th Oct.19, Cáceres, Spain
Multicultural weekend in a green environment
11th Oct.19 - 13th Oct.19, Aberdeen, United Kingdom
The UK challenge: Promoting Mobility in Smaller Cities


08th Nov.19 - 10th Nov.19, Budapest, Hungary
ESAA capacity building seminar I
12th Nov.19 - 30th Apr.20, Jamaica, Trinnidad & Tobago and Cuba
Increasing Erasmus+ awareness in the Caribbean and Latin America
14th Nov.19, Brussels, Belgium
ESAA showcase
15th Nov.19 - 17th Nov.19, Belis, Cluj County, Romania
Erasmus+ Ambassadors Autumn Training
20th Nov.19 - 26th Apr.20, Cape Town, South Africa
ESAA Jobs of the Future Survey (ESFJ)
22nd Nov.19 - 24th Nov.19, Kyiv, Ukraine
Erasmus Values Weekend

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