ESAA Events 2017

Monthly Plan 2017

We would like to share with you some activities planned by ESAA & the European Commission. You can pick a topic and plan an activity or event! It does not matter if it is a post on social media, a webinar or a conference. May these topics inspire you to be active and propose exciting new projects in 2017!



20th Jan.17 - 22nd Jan.17, Paris, France
ESAA Board Meeting | Read more


10th Feb.17 - 12th Feb.17, Madrid, Spain
ESAA Working Group Meeting | Read more
17th Feb.17 - 19th Feb.17, Copenhagen, Denmark
EMA Steering Comittee Meeting


10th Mar.17 - 12th Mar.17, Vienna, Austria
CMS Board Meeting


07th Apr.17 - 09th Apr.17, Lisbon, Portugal
ESAA Board Meeting | Read more


25th May.17 - 27th May.17, Brussels, Belguim
EMA General Assemby


16th Aug.17 - 20th Aug.17, Budapest, Hungary
ESAA Training for Erasmus+ Trainers (T4ET) | Read more
20th Aug.17, Deadline for applications
Erasmus+ Promotion Activity | Read more
24th Aug.17 - 26th Aug.17, Tallin, Estonia
ESAA General and Working Group Meeting | Read more
25th Aug.17, Deadline for applications
CMS Organise Your Own Event | Read more


08th Sep.17 - 11th Sep.17, Antwerp, Belguim
EMA Steering Comittee Meeting


06th Oct.17 - 08th Oct.17, Portugal
Deadline for applications 13th August ESAA Incubator
12th Oct.17 - 15th Oct.17, Budapest, Hungary
CMS Board / CMS Working Group Meeting


10th Nov.17 - 12th Nov.17, Triana, Albania
ESAA Board Meeting | Read more

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